well. dang.

What dead Catholic mothers leave in their fabric box 
for their Adult children to find-

 so that when you innocently go to find a piece of ribbon,

you either 

a) bust into tears thinking about how much she loved you,
and did you love her enough 
for all this surprise love 
she gives you even beyond the grave? 

*I think I did?!!DID I????WAHHHH! MOM!!*


b) bust into tears thinking about how much she loved you, 
and are you making sure 
your own kids will find shit like this in your stuff 
so the centuries of guilt can be passed on when you die?


well. dang.

welcome to my Monday.



  1. I like that there's a note in her handwriting. Something like that would have helped me a lot when I was cleaning out the folk's house. It's not too late for you to put random notes in stuff you stash with hopes your kids will find them decades down the road and burst into tears. Guilt and love never stop giving.

  2. Cherish this. My own mom is in ill health and I don't think there will be anything like this for me to find, when she is gone.

  3. You know I buy out estates....I always find things like this....I'm doing an estate sale this week and found notes like this all over....I NEED to do this too!

  4. WOW, tears are running down my face as I have recently found something that made me think and cry. You were/are a good daughter. Just what Eileen said, I always thought she was clever. I am going to put random things in bags with handwritten notes to mess with my kids heads and hearts when I am gone. The gift of tears, a smile and giggle all at the same time. That is truly a love that keeps on giving. xo HUGS B

  5. I'm off to put random notes in things!!


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