Ranger is going on his third year...and still won't make "employee of the month" yet.

I'm going on my 18th year of Timber Cruising.

I remember our first contract-
It was for a private logging company in Minnesota.

I remember walking in areas where the Moose live,
hoping I didn't see one.

Cow Moose kill.

I read "Hatchet" you know.

I also remember holding my Tatum up high,
trying not to get my papers wet
(because I'm that old in Timber Cruising years where we used PAPER)
while my right leg slipped into a deep watery peat bog hole
(I couldn't touch bottom!)
my left balanced on a tag alder root,
while cruising the many marshes up there on the border.
My papers stayed dry.


Now I'm cruising in the western states,
mostly for the USFS.

It's dry.
Fires are always a concern,
not water.

Or moose.

I think.

I also use a program on a small Juno,
with a stylus,
not a pencil sharpened by my pocket knife.

Times change.

Even my eyes have special equipment now...

They're called "cheaters."




  1. Yeah, that first set of reading glasses is still stinging my ego a bit.

  2. I think Ranger should get employee of the month just for being adorable. Technology has sure made our jobs easier.You just have to figure out how to get around all those obstacles that I have read about over the years where your job has you confront all kinds of things.
    Cheaters, yes I lost about five or six or twenty before I finally admitted that I needed permanent. Times do indeed change. Be safe out there and enjoy the forest my favourite place to be and not work ;: hug B


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