Intermission- kinda

In February, Mr. Foresterman solo-worked on a Forestry project in Wisconsin for most of the month. I stayed back at the homestead here in Montana alone to take care of the critters. And to write. 

I don't mind being alone. Its one of the perks of living in a National Forest. You know how you enjoy that peace of the outdoors when you finally get your vacation to go camping? Well, its like that. 

But everyday :)

So back to the video-

Ironically, this past February was also the snowiest on record for this side of Montana. Well, actually, a lot of Montana. It just kept snowing. So I started to document through videos and sent them periodically to Mr. Foresterman to let him know we were still alive. 

And digging out. Snowing, digging out. Snowing, digging out. 

"uh, When are you coming home again?"

I made quite a few of these videos that month...

(song "Light of day" by Esme Patterson)



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