Nightmare begins

A winter snowstorm, a late night, a cat meows in the bathroom; Georgy was keeping tabs on Mr. Foresterman while he took his nightly shower.  She loved to go into the shower after you were done and play with the standing water. Queen Cougar loved water. 

Her favorite sleeping hideout was the clothes hamper.  Woe to the poor soul who tried to put anything in it when she was there. By and by, Georgy loved the bathroom, and it was hers. The humans borrowed it.

She meowed loudly again. I called to her from the couch- “Leave the shower alone Georgy! Wait until Dad’s done!” 

She meowed once more; this time, however, it was insistent, loud,  unnerving.  I sat up and heard the shower water being turned off,  glass door sliding open.

“Janice?  Somethings wrong with Georgy.”

And then the nightmare began.


we are writing part 4...


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