Woodland Ninja-ism

So hey, how's it going?

Is this thing on?


Okay, yep, it is!
We are doing okay here in Montana;

 It's Autumn!  

Ranger just celebrated his third year with us, 
isnt he still handsome?  

He really prides himself on how well 
he keeps the household going...

Except for the issue of the cats.

They are not friends anymore. 

This is not a happy picture.

They dont want to share



Kind of like the political discourse that 
United States citizens 
have taken against each other.

Back biting, screeching, name calling.


The name calling part might be a stretch for cats.


Unfortunately, not for humans



I have become a woodland ninja.

The pay is awful, but the view can be nice.


"If the animals only would have held still this season 
so I could have poked them with a sharp arrow ..."


I'm doing good.


skinnier and lacking protein in the freezer-

but good.

But this-

this is not so good.

She's sad.


Now if

we could only remove the scarred white one's paranoia


encourage the scarred striped one's morale,

Maybe, just maybe,

There could be the beginning of peace.

It starts with their respect of each other.


fair rearranging

food dishes
cat boxes
people time.

Sounds like a job for a woodland ninja.

Like me.

It starts with me.


And how is you?



  1. It is good to hear from you, I was concerned about you during all those Montana fires this summer. you look great and the cats will figure things out eventually.

  2. I just read your blog this morning, really enjoyed it. Stella Rose a little pug from Iowa.

  3. The cats will work it out I'm sure. :)
    My husband is driving through Montana today and I am so jealous.

  4. We always joke that our dog wants on orange tabby cat for a pet. Pity the poor cat - Chucky does not always play gently with others... Your Ranger is a great looking fellow!

  5. How lovely to hear from you, dear girl. You're looking quite fabulous. Sorry the kitties aren't mingling well. Best to you and Mr. Forester Man.

  6. Wow! look at those thin thighs! Feral critters in Montana know how to age well--improve with age like cheese and wine. (I'm aging more like a banana. ahem) Woodland Ninjas may not get a lot of cash but I bet the view is awesome. Yeah, the cats will work it out. They're much smarter than elected officials ( who votes for these people???)

  7. So glad to see you blogged. I too was worried about you & yours with all the fires. You went thru enough hell with the previous fire. Regards, Sandy

  8. So glad you got through the fires--take care!!

  9. GW Feral Woman,

    Good to see you back! You look amazing girl :-)

  10. Well, real happy the wild fires didn't get to y'all. Down here in the south catnip always helps the kitty courage and gives an attitude adjustment real quick. When we get those summer storms the catnip sure helps!

  11. Well you look super, whether as a woodland ninja or just as yourself! And cats, ours get along and then they fight but they somehow work it out, will probly never be best buds but I guess that's how it goes.

  12. Wowza! You Ninja Nymph! Cats are prickly characters and take a long time to work out a compromise. But they usually do. I do hope you pop up more often - I have missed your missives.. :)

  13. You are looking quite spectacular! Where have you been?????


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