“Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”


You know you are feral when...

So yeah...

Who else here 
has given their washing machine a colon cleanse?

* raises hand, looks around*



This domestic stuff is not pretty.

Notice the big red letters in the photo that say 


This is not pretty at all.

Especially when you work outside 
your appliances can't keep up.

I think Im gonna go back outside now.

Its safer.



  1. Oh dear, oh yes we have done this. Farming outside does the same thing:) Housework is not pretty and that is the truth. Outside is pretty and I agree stay outside.
    I have also missed you but I know you are happy outside and away from the evil appliances and need to be constant cleaning thing.....always a good thing. See you when the snow flies......right???? :):) xo HUGS B

  2. Apparently our washing machine was making felt kittens during its spare time, and storing them in its drain tube. I found them. A whole litter.

    So I guess I will need to spend more time with it so it doesnt become a hoarder of felt kittens...

  3. Every time I see the word "Danger", I immediately think of "DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!" I get a fair amount of grunge through my washer, but never felt kittens!

  4. With Samsung's exploding cell phones and now I read that their wasthing machines are also blowing up, I too believe we are safer outside. My washing machine is in my shed and once a poor little mouse got washed in it. You should have heard my yelp when I picked it up and wondered what that soft thing was! Thank you so much for visiting so many posts. Sending hugs to you. Stay safe out there and give Ranger a hug from me.


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