When Fate gives a gift

Sometimes in life, 
Fate tiptoes in and changes your spirit towards the light.

Even when you aren't aware darkness surrounds you, 
even when you are so blind you think you don't need or want it.

 Even in the most remote areas of the world, 

Fate reaches for you and will not let go.

We recently had the unexpected opportunity
to host two guests whom we have never met before in our home. 

Winter brought in her snowy white cloak to cover the hills 
and we were able to provide shelter to them 
from her frosty temperament for a few days. 

You how when a butterfly chooses to land near you, 
and you stay very still, 
taking in the moment as to not change time?

That is what it is like 
when special people decide to spend time with you.

My mind quieted and I took in their world. 
I asked questions, listened and tried to stay still. 
I wanted to take the beauty of it all in, 
to not change time. 

I knew our moments were fleeting.
We all did.

Although most likely our paths will never cross again, 
our own personal world has changed for the better for time spent together. 

Fate brought me a precious gift this past week; 
much laughter, thoughtful contemplation 
two very special people whom we wish wonderful things 
for their lives and their future.


What a beautiful thing.



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