Photogenic Sunday's hike

This is me and my daughter Annabel. 
She arrived on Saturday along with her smart & handsome husband Christopher, 
and our two grandcats, Rugen & Monkey. 
(more on them later)

She lets me tackle her in the snow to this day, 
because, well, mom.

But now she knows this really cool move
where she hooks her foot around my leg 
and I drop like a rock.

I take her down with me though so it's all good.

In a snowy way!

Isnt that the way all mother/daughter relationships are? 

Winter family reunions will be interesting 
when Im a feral 92...


She's very talented.  
She also knows how to make snowmen on burnt trees.

in the valley across from our house!

First we have to get past big baby Ebony.  
He thinks we always have snacks.

He looks like a giant Angus beef snack himself.

We also have to get past turkey footprints 
without taking a million photos...

 Annabel likes to take pictures like her MOM!

Bull thistles that the finches feed on make it hard not to take photos too.

And the elk wreath we put up on the mailbox makes it even harder to pass up!

Then of course there's photogenic Ranger.

Photography-itis; is this why 
Chris the soon-to-be Doctor hides behind trees 
as a preventative health measure?

And then theres the puzzle rocks that beg for a picture,

Annabel's snowy boots,

and Mr. Foresterman's directionals can be photogenic too.

And of course doing the limbo is REALLY photogenic!

The whole dang valley and everything in it

Mr. Foresterman's blue steel look always DEMANDS a photo.

  But heres the real photo mystery;
Does anyone 

Seriously.  We haven't a clue!

We do know that it is a photogenic mystery 
right here in Powder River County!

Any guesses?



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