And whats your 2016 motto?



We are truly excited to know what the heck this thing is!

Are you ready?

It's a vintage Cattle Oiler!

Okay, for those who don't know what that is, it's a special stand where cows can rub their itchy spots from bug bites and apply their own bug lotion.

See that archway?  That once had multitudes of bristle brushes attached to it. When the cows would rub, an insecticide dribbled from the bucket down an iron rod onto the bristles.  And when the cows would scratch on the bristles, it would go right onto the cow's backs. A Cattle Oiler!  

They are so important to a cows health 
that they are available today in a more modern style 

So we can put that puppy to bed for the year 2015! 
I knew you were stressed about that question as much as we were...
Well, maybe not stressed.
But inquiring minds NEED to know!
What a great way to start the year 2016!

(it's the littlest things that get us through the day...)

Huge thanks to our nice Ranching neighbors to the North 
for telling us and solving the mystery !!!

(and yes, there is whiskey involved. 
Come on, it's Montana. MONTANA. Wild west, remember? 
It's the littlest things that get us through the day...)



(a cattle oiler. yesses!)

We're onto a new 2016 life motto.

(And it doesn't involve Whiskey. Well...not's the littlest- OH NEVERMIND)

 This is mine. Yep. It fits.

What is going to be your life motto for 2016?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Like me- I want to know!



edited to add more exclamation points.
 There's not enough. There's never enough.


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