Intermission...a word from our sponsor...

Okay. Dont worry.
We have everything under control.  

"Nepal Notes"
 will continue again,
once mr. foresterman is home.


Once we have real internet.  

Not on a little phone that is from 1986 
from "trying not to get their seats dirty" little wireless cafe because 
its raining outside and we cant work.

So basically Im under pressure but in control.

For now.

If none of this makes sense its okay
because I think im under control.

I think.

But in the meanwhile,
let me give you a hint on what we have been up to.

"Tiny living"

This is my kitchen as of late.
I have spent more time at work (Black Hills)
then I have at home the last three months.

Rv'ing worklife for me!

Speaking of work,

this is the rare Black Hills Mountain snail.
\It actually lives at 6600'ft
where we are working at!

I have seen these guys all over,

Even on trees.

Its kinda gross but cool.

You try walking in the woods under pressure without stepping on something
thats only 1/4 inch big.

many of them.

Here we are on lunch break.

We take lunch on a log.

Ranger takes lunch anywhere.

We are vascilating between rain and sun.

Sun is bright at 6600 ft.

"Peeeeter,.. Peeeetor, time to wake uppp!"

Extra points to you if you know what movie that is from!

the trees are leafing out. 
it will make it difficult for us
to see the forest through the trees...

I think I have cored over 1000+ 
ponderosa pine
trees this year.
no joke.

We are still working out the details.

The oldest was over 300 years old.

The tallest was at 104 feet.

I have big biceps.

Big trees, big work.

thats all for intermission now.

xoxox's to you all!



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