Ranger Update

He now weighs over 80 lbs.  

It could be more.

We cant lift him anymore to weigh him.

If you remember when we adopted him,

the shelter's vet said he was 2 years old.

At that time he weighed only 60 lbs.

Now we know the truth that 
he was only a year old.

He's a little over 18 months now.

They stop growing, right?

I sure hope he slows down in the food dept. 

Speaking of dept.'s
we take him everywhere with us
into every ranching store that allows him,

he thinks all stores should let him in.

He gets especially upset
when food stores dont.

But didnt he turn into a handsome dog?

Hes a good worker in the woods,
travels well,
everyone loves to say hello
to the gentle giant.

He says hello back with his big furry tail.

Thank you again,

 Our fur baby has turned into a Handsome Fur Grownup!

Meanwhile, back at the office, 
Mr. Foresterman is working...
and thanks to you all,
occasionally writing on Nepal!

Sure, thanks....

Ranger would rather be in the woods though...!


  1. He's a handsome devil!!

  2. My goodness, he is a handsome laddie! I am very glad to hear that there may be a Nepal post or twelve. I had to give up toting my Pepperoni (that sounds so weird) into stores - everyone has to fuss all over him and it takes forever to get in and out.

  3. Hey there feral woman! I've been following just haven't had much time for commenting. Ranger is beautiful!
    I love the cross stitched map you got, but I have to say...what a DEAL on the spinning wheel! I love it. I have a couple of them that I use for different events, but I don't sit still long enough to spin much anymore. Have I mentioned lately that I want this house done yesterday!
    I have a friend that had a lot of alpaca for sale, want me to see if she still does? Not the animal, the fiber!
    I love your daughter's blog. Tell her to put a "follow" thingy up somewhere. I never follow on e-mail.
    OK - Need to go. Say hi to foresterman!!!

    Cindy Bee

  4. Handsome dude indeed . . .
    Many cheers for your happy/ successful rescue!

  5. He's big! A perfect dog for you. Looking forward to the Nepal posts!

  6. Ranger is gorgeous. So nice that he can go wherever you go!

  7. GW Feral Woman,

    Ranger UP!!!! Love this dog, he's just so content, and is very happy being in his new home with his new Parents :-)
    When you look at his eyes they're so loving.
    Looking forward to reading about Nepal.

  8. Oh, the pup has turned into a handsome boy! Sweet face, too. I love that header photo. Nothing like a cattle blockade on the road. And, wandering those fabulous dirt roads. (((sigh)))

  9. Ranger is so handsome! The NERVE of food stores not letting him inside. And love your top photo.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  10. He looks like the perfect friend to cheer your day, keep you company, alert you to anything odd and to step in front of any big critters to warn them away if necessary. You'd think as good a customer as he is for groceries that they'd at least let him come in and beg for the most expensive package of treats.

  11. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. And isn't it wonderful how they respond to REAL/CARING owners???

  12. He's a beautiful dog- all 80+ pounds of him!

  13. LOVE that pooch! He may grow for another couple of years, just saddle him up!

  14. LOVE that pooch! He may grow for another couple of years, just saddle him up!


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