NEPAL NOTES part दुई

October 19, 1989


(2:40 am Bangkok Airport)

We left San Francisco at 2 pm yesterday on flight 805. Midway enroute to Hong Kong our flight attendants were called to the cabin phones in what was apparently some type of emergency situation. Afterwards some of them looked very worried. Nothing was said to us. It’s a little disconcerting when some of your flight attendants are crying! 

The wings were still there!

I’m looking out the windows to see if our wings are still there or showing any signs of weakness. The crew was called back to the phones an hour later. It get's one's imagination working! Upon landing at the Hong Kong Airport, the Captain announced that at 5:04 pm a major earthquake hit San Francisco. The terminal we left from was damaged,and 200 people were estimated dead in the city.

   We missed that by 3 hours.

We had a brief layover in Hong Kong, 
then continued on in the night to Bangkok, Thailand.

Presently we’re hanging around the Bangkok airport waiting for daybreak. About two dozen others are doing the same; mostly other trekkers by their appearance. We have a one day/one night layover in Bangkok before we are to continue on to Nepal.

When we first arrived at the airport we were besieged by cab drivers ready to take us to whatever hotel they favored. Being rather late we didn’t want to take a shot in the dark and possibly be dumped in an unfamiliar part of a strange city at midnight so we decided to wait for dawn. 

I’m not that adventurous.


If you have any questions at this point,
feel free to ask in the comments below
I will be able to answer in next week's post!



  1. I was in that S.F. quake--I would rather have been in Bangkok!!

  2. GW Feral Woman,

    I remember that quake explicitly, we can only hope it doesn't happen again.
    Having flight crew all upset, and on the phone at the same time would definitely make a persons heart beat faster.

    1. Nope. Its all Mr. Foresterman this time, Sandy! When he tells the story, it remembers it being one of the looooongest flights of his life; sometimes knowing what is going on is better then thinking up scenarios!

  3. If I was left to my own over-active imagination, I don't know if I would have survived the flight! Sounds like Mr. Foresterman's timing was spot-on. I remember the images of that earthquake very vividly. This is shaping up to be quite a riveting tale!

  4. I remember that quake too. Great timing for his departure.


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