The unexpected.

After working in the Black Hills for 4 days, 
we came home to a little bit of fun and respite...


its how i get socialized around here!

Remember how I got great deals last time I went?

(you can read about it Here )


I consider that a lifetime achievement. 

Well, for this one time.



A Ute Mt tribe pitcher by artist Ruth Root
for $2.50!

A 1950's Cross stitch "History Of Transportation"
only for $5 dollars!  

And the best deal of the day


A Traditional Ashford Spinning wheel 
& stuff 
I need to learn about

get this -

$80 !!!!

Who has an alpaca?


Another thing I have on my mind,

Is what is happening in Nepal.

Nepal around here has some special ties for us

  You see,
Back in 1989,
Mr Foresterman decided 
that he needed to travel there

It was on his life achievements list -

Here he is, with Mount Everest (left) and Ama Dablam (center) 
in the background...
Looka that beard!
He was a hipster before there were hipsters!

Here he is signing in at one of the checkpoints.

These two pictures were taken by his sister, Jane.
The rest of the photos were taken by Mr. Foresterman.

Out of all eight kids in their family,
these two were the most adventuristic ones of them all!

(and still are!)

They decided back then,
since they were both young and single,
Nepal would be their destination.
But not to climb mountains.

They decided they were going to hike.

They wanted to meet the people,
learn Nepal's way of life
they would use no guides.

The rest of these photos were taken by Mr. Foresterman...

Here Jane is playing cats cradle with a little one.

The villages there are built right into the mountains, with narrow streets

These young ones were checking out the new hipsters in town!

Here Jane is proving exactly how adventuristic 
she really is!

There are many bridges like these 
over these deep impassable gorges
that link villages to each other

Although this picture was taken in 1989, 
These villages have been in existence forever like this.

The people and their way of life are part of the mountains.

All Handmade,
with local products
for centuries.


an Earthquake on April 25, 2015
may have destroyed
what has stood for centuries.

We weep with them.


Right now they are still rescuing; 
however there are ways for us to help.

The Care charity is already established in Nepal.
Only 10% of monies raised goes towards fundraising.
Your funds will go directly to Nepal to help.

Please click on the link below if you'd like to help out!


In the meanwhile, 
I have asked Mr Foresterman 
if he would like to write about his journey to Nepal...  

He and his sister took the time out to visit not just the mountains, 
but the people who live there.

Please leave comments if YOU too 
would like to read 
what he has seen of the beautiful Nepal!

(I know I do!!!!)



  1. Of course we would love to hear his stories about Nepal. Wonderful photos. And congrats on the auction steals.

  2. I would LOVE to read his stories!!

  3. First, congratulations on your auction scores. They are fabulous. And I would love to hear his stories.

  4. My heart and prayers go out to the people of Nepal and surrounding.
    Yes yes yes Mr. Foresterman it needs to be heard and seen the way it was. Great shots by Jane and her brother.
    Great auction finds Feral and the Crazysheeplady can indeed give you tips. Hugs B

  5. GW Feral Woman,

    You scored beautifully at the auction!!! OMG......what a deal on the spinning wheel.
    I would love to hear about your husband's travels to Nepal.

  6. ALPACA???!!!??? I will send you some SHEEP wool! ;-)

    Yes, guest post!!!!

  7. Please, please send us more from your husbands adventures in Nepal. Everyday I send my vibes, prayers, thoughts in that direction. I can't even imagine the hopelessness of it. Would be good to see pics of brighter times. Looking forward to it.

  8. OH PLEASE..........let Crazy Sheep Lady sent you something REAL to work with :) And Yes to the guest post, we all weep for them in Nepal. Nice finds also........

  9. Great auction goodies and I would certainly like to read more about Nepal.

  10. Yup to the adventures in Nepal, and way to go on your auction finds! :)

  11. Are you kidding? When's the book coming out? Of course we want to hear about that trip! And what completely and totally amazing things you got!

  12. Awesome auction items! Lucky you! I would love to read more about Nepal. So very sad about their recent events.

  13. Great auction scores. Love the vase.
    Our diocese is taking up a collection for Nepal, all moneys raised will be submitted to Development and Peace, and the Canadian government will match it dollar for dollar.
    Yes, please do the Nepal story, Mr. F!

  14. Thank you so much for that latest comment. I know you are thinking of me, I can feel that, and I think of you often as well. Reading this and hearing about this huge tragedy, a tragedy on so many levels, makes me know even more that one is never alone in suffering loss, never alone in mourning, never alone in having people care. This Swedish Goddess thanks you for sending your blogger friends her way and she is sending many blessings to you, ensuring your safety in the big forests. Love and hugs ~ Inger

  15. You got some really hot deals at the auction!! Yes, I'd love to read Mr. F's stories...that would be a treat!


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