a few numerous issues that quantify five that have nothing in common on a weekend day...

Joining up with Nancy at Rural Journal

(shes baaaaack!)

For her series

"Random 5 Friday"

I love this series, because it challenges my writing skills to interpret

"Five Random Facts"


"Making things up"

Ima challenged!

Lets begin, shall we?

1)  February 28th was Rare Diseases Day

Why am I bringing this up?
Because I have a rare disease called 

"Unicentric Castlemens Disease"

My Hematologist Oncologist says
He thinks Im the only one in Montana with this.

Im like a rare steak I am.


Also I recently found out Im still in remission with one year to go.


medium rare!

 but hold back the libations for now 

we need to stay sober for the few next facts.


But before i forget-

 this is probably how and where I got this rare disease...

thats Fluffy the cat im trying to play with in our rural farming backyard in 1966. 

In my underpants.


I still like to play in dirt.


and maybe this might be the reason too-

I dont know what im eating,
but I bet
 it was tastin' pretty good back in 1964..


i still like to eat... things.

Medium rare of course.

2) #Ruralpeopleproblems

One Rural People problem i have in Montana 
is when 
the blowing wind switches 
while Im forking out hay to the horses.

Im so glad my OB/GYN appt wont be until grazing pasture season.


Yes, that meant what I meant.

* "for the love of all that is holy and pure, make it stahhhp!"*

Rural living = vacuuming underpants

*"make it stahhhp!!!!"*

3) Kittens

Since you all need a mind scrubbing after that last fact,

heres a picture of my bro with Fluffy and her kittens-

Except this is the cat 
that taught all of us kids growing up 
the facts of life 
by giving birth twice a year for 12 years.

If you see a white cat in the upper midwest,
its most likely related to old Fluffy. 


She was a friendly cat.

*"I cant hear you lalalalalalalalaLALALA"*

4) Random Fact Four

Sometimes I have difficulty in having normal discussions.


I know, like this is a surprise to you.

Okay fine.

Most times I have difficulty in having normal discussions.

5)  Hereditary Hair

Remember my last post about my Grandma Helen?

When I was little, I remember sitting next to her on her bed,
while she combed, 
then braided 
her beautiful gray hair
 wrapping it around like a silver crown,
pinning it on top.

Her hair was down to her waist.

Not only do i want to be an excellent horseman like my Grandma,


I want to wear my hair just like she did.


Good luck with that, Feral woman....


Random 5 Friday

linking up with Nancy because she is the cat's meow!



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