The Best viewing of Superbowl 2015

Let us rewrite the rules,

girls of all ages.


What does it mean to you?

This is what it meant 
to this little girl in the red dress pictured above.

It meant being a Timber Cruiser.

It meant leading as a Union President.

It meant changing Laws.

It meant working in Law Enforcement.

It meant being a Mom with a Career.

It meant building your own House.

It meant training Horses.

It meant climbing Mountains.

It meant showing the way.


it meant so much more 
then what the world wanted me to believe.

What does it mean to you?

Please tell us in the comments below;


its YOUR time 

to shine too!



  1. GW Feral Woman,

    It meant growing up in different cities, states, and countries.
    It meant growing up faster than a child should.
    It meant helping others.
    It meant working in law enforcement.
    It meant being a mom.
    It meant falling in love all over again.
    It meant being a step parent.
    It meant working in government.
    It meant creating a homestead.
    It meant retiring.
    It means living in the graces of God.

  2. It meant not being told I was "just a girl". With six brothers and a hardworking Mom who did everything cooking cleaning and staying home to take care of her family that is what I thought was normal. I married a farmer and jumped right into that role after being a "Tomboy" all my life. I worked fast food and farmed as a young Mom. I then decided I just wanted to farm. I then learned how to drive and operate every piece of equipment on this farm so I would not only be "just a girl" and do what I wanted not what others expected me to do as "just a girl". I wanted to show my own girls there was nothing you cannot do. Being a girl is the best of both worlds be that boy or girl. I like to say I am a great cook, a writer, a farmer, a awesome tractor driver and a proud Mom of two daughters that believe there is no such thing as "Just a girl".Hug B
    LOVE Sandy's comment:)

    1. Another phrase that needs to be changed; :just a girl". Its all about how we use words to diminish people...instead we should be building them up so they can do positive things...

  3. Wonder if growing up in a farming community affected the way I thought of "running like a girl". I never really gave it any thought. Everyone pulls their own weight... Running, no difference. Hitting? Well, as a girl, if I had a second to think, I'd probably try to pick up "an equalizer" so I could hit hard without hurting myself ;-).

    1. Expectations are different in a farming community; we are starting to see the affects of that! USDA statistics say that 30% of US farms are owned by women - a little over 1 million strong!

    2. This makes me smile. It is the same here in Canada farms have been ran by women for centuries but now they are getting recognized for the work they have always done. Side by side their men they toil then go into make dinner and do the laundry then back at it the next day. It does not surprise me that women do it on their own now. Oh yes farm women know what they can do. My hope is that every little girl never doubts what they can do.

  4. Running like a girl means becoming me. It means being a horseback rider, sculptor, tattoo artist, executive, lover of all things animal. It means being strong and soft, kind and fierce, smart and funny. It means I am so happy I wasn't born to run like a boy.

    1. Like a girl - Susan, you have a beautiful soul!

  5. It meant that it was ok to be the fourth daughter of a dairy farmer...who never...EVER...heard either parent wish for a boy who could work harder! (Thanks Mom and Daddy!) My Dad taught us girls how to change a flat check our car's drive stick shift...and both parents showed us through example that no matter our gender, hard work is something to be proud of! :)

  6. Dairy Farmer Daughters are some of the toughest women I know! You ROCK!


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