Confession; I killed my mother...board...and others.

She was gone. No life.  Just the black screen of death, and two little mocking lights on my keyboard. Of course I did the feral thing first, and then after i got done writhing on the floor in angst for a while...because  after all, my photos, novels, poetry writings, and oh yeah, my Forestry work were ALLL GONNNEEEE 

*insert irish keening*

Once I got done writhing and keening 
I then did the grown up thing and got a grown up.

(thanks Mr. Foresterman!)

to help me sort through the different Computer techs

that were in three different states.


We found someone what is known in these parts as a "computer god"
(he knew how to pick up a telephone, and knew he could speak my language)
But most importantly, He found out my 3 year warranty was still good with HP.

HP replaced it all.  

For free.

I think the only thing that was original when i got back my laptop would have been
the orange Dorito chip that was stuck between the letters "K" and "L".

I was pretty excited to have it all okay, my stuff back, and everything almost new again...


Why am i telling you this?

Because recently I reached my actuations.
You photographers know what Im talking about.

This also involved keening and writhing.

This time I didnt have a grownup nearby,
as Mr. Foresterman was out of town for a week
I was left with the animals, alone.

Dont worry, they took good care of me...except for the cats.  I wont let the cats take care of me anymore after i read that Researchers (who thinks of this?) recently found out that if you die without being discovered, in a locked room (who donated for this study, really?!),  cats will eat you within 24 hours.  Dogs tend to wait three days -we'd like to think its because theyre faithful-but they wait for things to soften. The cats really dont care. They just dont. Lets not pretend that we dont know this already. Just dont tempt fate, and do try to die when someone is there to stop Fluffy.

i digress. 


I normally would take pictures and show you what im talking about
I have no photos to show you,
" Shutter Actuations limit"


What is Shutter Actuations?  

Well, like gods, somewhere there are Researchers who put a limit on how many pictures your shutter on your camera can take, and then it dies. It just dies and you cant even eat it. Its so sad. Mine lasted for over 600,000 shutter releases, which for a mirrorless system is pretty normal. But now its done. 

*keening softly*

So why am i sharing all of my  confessions?

My faithful little shop vac now sounds like "R2D2" from Star Wars.

It goes 

"whhhooooooooooo beep"

each time I shut it off.

All the cleaning up after the fire has maimed it,


its dying.

im trying to replace it quietly so it doesnt want to die today without a backup.

I would take pictures but...


If the new vacuum gets wind of the fact that 

I seem to kill every living domesticated electronic thing 

that seems to come my way,

it will never show up.

I would insert a picture right here but...


Writhing and Keening.

Good thing ill be back in the woods in two months.



  1. aw man!! I hate the moment when the camera is just done! my little point and shoot bit the bullet lat year, and I was temporarily lost, but thank goodness for AMAZON! you really can get anything from them ! Got a new one just like the other one and all is well

  2. I miss your pics but I love your header!!

  3. I would be writhing and keening too. I am sorry about your poor camera. I understand a love like that, it is always so hard to say goodbye. Can it be fixed,even if it costs an arm or leg? Thinking of that I am not sure about the cat thing and a dog is waiting to it to soften up WHAT I thought it was all about the faithful part too:(. Well after you just unwrapped that fancy new lens, I do hope you can work something out.. Say it can be fixed. I love R2D2 and would be spending all my time talking to him. Drat, I am sorry I am really bad at this comforting in times of crisis thing lately, it appears.On the bright side between K and L well that is nice. HUG B

  4. oh my. I am feeling your pain. the idea of my camera dying fills me with horror.
    I also bought an external hard drive to store my photos because I' terrified of my comp failing.

  5. OH KWAP!! Whisky goes along with keening :) and yeah, do not trust cats. I have then and love them but.......... Header is beautiful.

  6. I feel for you. Both of these are things I've gone through recently. I lost all my pre-2011 photos forever... unless I want to cough up $1500 to attempt (ATTEMPT!) to retrieve them. *joins keening and writhing process*

  7. my auto-focus motor died on my big lens a week or two ago. day before yesterday, i killed another vacuum cleaner. waiting for my third...

  8. HORRORS! Heart stopping. Then panic and screaming. Yes. You might want to invest in some kind of backup like a portable hard drive. I requested one for my birthday. Now if the house burns down it will take out all my important stuff--twice. Good news. Maybe you'll get a new camera AND a new vacuum. Bad news. You may have to cut back on your shoe budget.

    (How did they do research on cats and dogs eating dead owners????)

  9. I am SO thankful for the information about the cats. *gulp* .... I had no idea.
    My Mum new a man who had the misfortune to die, home alone with his Beagle, a few days went by... yeahhhh... so you know how that ends.
    But the cats? A day? Geeze.
    Hope your gadgetry is all functioning to full capacity again soon.
    All the best, from East to West! (literally, I'm in the East...)
    (wha ha ha haha ah ...and funny too.)
    (well, unless you ask my Boss... he gives a thumbs down on my humor...) :))))

  10. GW Feral Woman,

    Computers and camera's are suppose to last us a life time right?? NOPE, not in today's world. Companies are building electronics inexpensively, we're in a throw away world and that my friend just totally rots!!!! I'm of the generation where you use your electronics, or tools for a lifetime, and when it breaks you fix it yourself. We can't do that any more :-(

  11. Sheesh....that's enough. It should be over now, things come in threes! When my last camera died I took it in and asked about it and the guy said, oh, digital cameras only last 4 years...yikes! I have a dryer that is 40 years old...they just don't make them that great anymore.

  12. Things in life come along in "3's". So, you should be finished for a while!

  13. This must be death week for cameras. I dropped my Nikon..... from my computer desk to the floor... not far really.... but now it doesn't recognize either the lens or the smart card. So I am back to using my little AW 100 Shirley-proof camera until I can afford to take the big one to the repair shop. Sigh.

  14. I had the same thing happen to me a couple of years ago. Now I get hard copies (I know, who does that?) of the pictures on my phone that I want to keep. I try to use my point and shoot camera for family pics most of the time and I never delete them from the little scandisc card thingy. It's crazy. And I try to download lots of family pics on my blog, hoping I never lose my blog.
    So, I'm hesitant to say this, but are you serious about the dog thing? Because here's what happened a couple of months ago. My sister's friend (we'll call her C) came home from Florida on a Tuesday. Her Mom (B), from what C could tell, had a heart attack on the Saturday before C got home. And B was watching C's dog....who we know ate some plastic flowers, potpourri, and other odd stuff. But..........I hope not. It's been a hell of a winter.......

    Cindy Bee

  15. Did you have a funeral for the two poor dead electronics? HA! Well I know you'll be back in tip top shape before we know it!


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