A 2014 True Story

Sayle Hall

The band started up
western swing in motion
giggling children ran
between dancing couples
across ancient sanded oak floors
married to the walls of rough local logs
holding up this old community hall

the Social was in progress

the big wood doors were wide open
inviting starry night cool air in
those who stood outside were silhouetted
white cowboy hats nodding
in a circle of clean pressed shirts,
wrangler jeans and scuffed boots,
tipping cold beers back in unison

the night was still fresh

the small kitchen in back
lined with a counter of  homemade goods
brought forth wonderful smells
lulling neighbors and friends of all ages
to stop, graze, and drink, 
and to pause to shake a neighbor's hand  
 while holding a plate of earthly heaven in the other.  

all were having a good time

glittering in sync with the music 
colored lights wrapped on strung wire
shone on those taking a deserved break 
 benches, chairs, old movie theater seats
held catch-up conversations low
and in the middle of our Sayle Hall,
 the smiling couples swirled on by

poetry dancing in motion...

 - then the band leader interrupted -

"will someone please get the dog off the dance floor?"

                                                          ~ J. Grinyer   8/16/14


And someone did get the Corgi Cattle dog
off of the floor, 
and the dance continued on....

Looking back, It was one of my favorite memories of 2014!

Sometime when the weather gets cold, 

everything is blanketed with fresh snow,

I need a reminder that Summer will come again, soon. 

Today I share my reminder with you!  

Keep Warm Everyone, Summer's coming!!



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