You are soooo right!

Drove to Longmire town yesterday; heres a cow on the way there.

For those of you who guessed from the last post
what #59 & #60 New Year resolutions were,

And a horse too. This is Montana's form of traffic signs where I live.

You were right!
"cutting trees & planting trees"

Go right now to your frig and shake that can of whipped cream 
no one knows about hidden behind the bland unflavored yogurt
spray that deliciousness right into your mouth!!


These are Muley deer. They are feral. They need no stinkin' road.

*shifting eyes to the left*

And this guy makes my horses feel slim. I bet his name is buttercup.

Not that I advocate unsanitary kitchen conditions.

Just dont let anyone see you
if you finish off the can it doesnt matter anyway, right?

 One day I will grow up but today is NOT that day!

"heh, heh, just kidding, guys! you look great!"


These cows are on the Wyoming side
 - through the dog noseprints on the windshield you can see the Bighorn Mountains!

big thanks to those
who found me some new resolutions


I will need a few more years to add #2016 & #2017 to the list.
 Although you wont hear me argue about shopping for new shoes.

more smudges, more snow, more mountains!

Anyhow, this is an update to let you know something.

I have a few blog posts up my sleeves!
well, technically not sleeves,
but you get the idea!

I have reviewed and realized
these past few years
I have not finished some posts like a normal person would.

Please forgive me!

Its all downhill to go uphill! Such feral, such  nose smudges, such west!

I still may not finish them due to that feral issue thing i have. 

But hey!
There are mysterious things in the works,
because, well, feral!

So be prepared for sporadic postings and completions
in the near future.
(such as part 2 of an Organized Elopement!)

Friday, I have a new three part series special.

I hope you check in,
because its a good one!

I actually have it completed!

its a miracle!
heres the freaky thing

This January 24

We must celebrate, wheres the whipped cream??

Its like all the nuns and stars in the universe lined up
gave me a sign.

my new writing pants mr. foresterman bought me in Longmire town.
 I need new boots (see resolution #2016) to go with them.

Actually, if they did,
Im pretty sure it would involve a ruler.
Lots of them.




  1. Oh I am so excited Longmire, BigHorn mountains, horses, mule deer, promised blog posts, incredible views through nose prints, and then you pushed me over the edge of excitement to mention THE PATRON SAINT OF WRITER's DAY! Oh the excitement is spilling over I cannot wait till Friday to see what you have up your non-sleeves.Writing pants with boot wearing horses oh yay. Mr Foresterman truly has excellent taste in writing attire. I am so excited. My not having cool pants like that to wear and celebrate I will have to resort to wearing a certain shirt from the mountains somewhere that makes me laugh every time I look in the mirror. Oh yippee.....happy days are here and the only thing that could make me happier would be some of that canned whipped cream, unfortunately I am left with a half container of that stinkin' unflavoured yogurt. Welcome back to normal blogging whatever that may be my friend:) hug xo B

  2. O wat ben jij een gelukkig mens om daar te mogen wonen, heerlijk zoveel ruimte en frisse lucht.

  3. Fantastic pictures. Thank you and YES to the whipped cream and writing pants hahaha

  4. Oh I wants me some booty sleep jammies!!!!
    We like mysterious feral things in the works.
    And we like St. Frances De Sales.

  5. Hmmm....finish like a normal person. Huh, Feral????? Are you normal??????????? Just askin', dear girl. Love your booty sleep pants. Bet there was an ulterior motive behind that little purchase. Booty?? You need PINK boots to go with those pants. Maybe some turquoise ones, too. Stay warm!

  6. Look at all those mountains and that snow and that vast open space! (Yes, I can see it past the nose smudges! ) This might be a dumb question, but don't you get lonely out there? :)

  7. the whipped cream was delicious! thank you . :)

    I can't wait to read the next few posts.

  8. You are a woman of great mystery!!!!!

  9. Thank you so much for the photos of the Big Horn Mountains in winter, still home of my heart. Just knowing that Medicine Wheel, Steamboat Rock, Shell Canyon and many other special sites are in there somewhere makes me feel that all is right with the world, in spite of humanity. What great shots of Cloud Peak Wilderness and Bear Tooth Mountain off in the distance. (Or is it Black Tooth? Even when I lived there, I was always mixing that up.)

  10. your posts are so much fun, just as they are, and those pants! perfect!

  11. Longmire as in the TV Show? Cool!

  12. Yes, stay on the Montana side of the road. Wyoming is beyond feral, it is untrained, ill-prepared and just plain scruffy. Sorry to all you people from Wyoming but here in SE ID we blame your state for our wind, blizzards and an overspill of moneyed dudes who don't know the best deals on quality cowboy hats and boots are at the farm and ranch store.

  13. Your snowy landscape is magnificent. I love cows on the road, we get them here every now then too. Lori is right, you are a woman of mystery and so much more. In reference to my Maya Angelou quote in my post this morning, I am so glad you are not trying to be normal. This is the quote, so you don't have to read my blog, but then maybe you did already, if so -- oh well: IF YOU ARE ALWAYS TRYING TO BE NORMAL, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW AMAZING YOU CAN BE!

    Buttons went to see the Norwegian Goddess, did you?

  14. I went back there and saw that you had visited Jill and her dog. Isn't she just beutiful? And Norway is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. Hugs, Inger


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