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Resolution 2015

Yep. I got me 2015 resolutions for 2015.

this is Resolutions  #59  & #60

Before wildfire 2011.

(yes, I put up that sign. did you have to ask?)

after wildfire 2013

2 years after wildfire 2014.

Did you figure out Resolution #59 & #60 yet on my to-do list?



BTW Happy New year, everyone!!!



  1. Glad to see you back. Oh I am guessing trees am I right? Am I right?:) Great shots.
    Oh you need trees out there with those Montana winds and cold freezing temps you been having. BTW I like bunnies:) xo Hug B

  2. Take down old trees, plant new ones! Am I right?

  3. I have no idea. Buttons says trees. After that fire, I would be leary of trees. I don't do resolutions, except for getting up with a smile every moring and sending out a prayer of gratitude. You need a lot of bad to have a bad day after that. Happy New Year my friend and all the best to Mr. Forestman and all the critters.

  4. Iets meer bomen maar ik heb zomaar een idee dat dat allemaal goed komt.

  5. LANDSCAPING in all it's forms and beauty!! Cheers........no resolutions here either :)

  6. A new bunny sign and a shopping trip for shoes?

  7. I'm guessing cutting down the dead trees- they would flare like a hot match if a spark got to them. No resolutions here..they finally chewed me up and spit me out..so I am hoping and praying for one thing only...peace.

  8. #59 remove old dead trees. #60 use said trees to build a butcher shop to process trespassers?

  9. I LOVE the bunny sign. I need one. :)

    I also love trees and agree with planting. have fun


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