Rangers story

When we adopted Ranger back in September 2014, we knew little about him; only that he was abandoned on a Highway with just a collar on, no tags, and no one claimed him at the local animal shelter.  He was a dog without a past.  

Wanting to know more in any way we could, we were excited when we got back the results of his DNA test from Wisdom Panel , a canine genetic breed test that is available online. The results were clear, not inconclusive or in percentages! And taking a sample was simple; all we had to do swab the inside of his cheek twice with the handy kit they sent us, and send it back in.   We guessed for weeks what he was! 

Then the results came in - 

So how many breeds you ask?  
Four. Yep, just four.  
And what breeds are they?  

Well, see for yourself what breed traits stand out to you in this picture of Ranger 
before you read ahead!

"Barca Ranger Boris"

That tight tail and blocky nose?  Definitely sweet sweet Samoyed.  Those long legs and red fox color? Husky power for sure!  His webbed muffin feet and big brown eyes - ah, the swimmingly wonderful and emotional Labrador.  The black markings and pretty dots - A Dobie's perfect "makeup" for going out! Personality-wise, I can say with all honesty he has a Samoyed mellow guy demeanor, but when it comes to birds or bunnies, he's all Lab. Theres no runner in him at all, but his Husky voice can make you try not to laugh at how serious he is when he "talks".  And the loyalty. Oh my, hands down Doberman.  He tries so hard to please us. 

Did you figure out what breeds yet :D ?

It was revealed one parent was a Samoyed/Lab cross, the other parent was a Husky/Doberman cross. And his grandparents were most likely purebred.  He is a GREAT dog with a wonderful temperament - we absolutely adore him!

However, thats not just the only exciting news we have about Ranger!

Recently we were contacted,
given his baby pictures,
we learned about his "beginnings"!

Rangers baby photo thanks to OPP !

So, do you want to know the rest of his story?

Part 2 on Monday!



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