Ranger's rest of the story

Now that we have read the beginnings of Ranger's Story (The Oglala Pet Project's big rescue from the Highway culvert!) and his new happily ever after (he's with us YAY!) , that just leaves us with the "middle"...and the question-                    

Why, one year later, would someone abandon Ranger aka Boris with a collar on and no tags on a busy two lane highway in Spearfish, South Dakota, when he was supposed to have a forever home ?  Why would they let him sit confused on his BIRTHDAY in a cage at the Western Hills Humane Society of Spearfish, South Dakota without claiming him?  No one knew his story of "why", except Ranger, and unfortunately he couldnt talk. It wasnt until late September while working in the Black Hills, that we had stopped in and fell in love immediately, giving him his true forever home.

When his original adopting family no longer wanted him, Ranger should have been returned to the Oglala Pet Project (OPP) according to the adoption contract. Some how instead he ended up abandoned on a Highway far from where he was supposed to be, with his tags removed.  Someone took his identity away from him.

No person or animal deserves to lose their identity, ever.

We appreciate
the Western Hills Humane Society of Spearfish, South Dakota.

They got Ranger off the road and adopted into our home.


Most importantly, we appreciate The Oglala Pet Project

because of their diligence, integrity, and belief in what they do. Just like when they went seeking Mama Cleo and her 10 puppies in the beginning of Ranger's story, the OPP took action to find where Ranger was when they found out his original adopter no longer had him. Sometimes there is poverty, illness or domestic situations where animals need to find a better home, and a responsible caregiver does the right thing by turning them in to a no-kill shelter/rescue who have a process in place in finding a forever home. Turning your animals over voluntarily to a no-kill shelter/rescue is always the best option, unless there is a legally binding contract to return them to their original adoption site like the Oglala Pet Project has - they even have a "no questions asked" clause! 

We most likely will never know what happened to Ranger's "middle" part of his story. What we do know is that he was found by the Western Hills Spearfish shelter as a stray, never reclaimed, and then we adopted him. Ranger finally had his happy ending!  But OPP did not know this yet-

Here's the most remarkable thing - when they found out Ranger aka Boris wasnt where he was suppose to be with his original adopters, OPP wanted to know where he was - did he finally have a happy ending somewhere?  They sought to find out what happened to him, and finally connected with us. I was truly impressed with their professionalism and care under such difficult circumstances; they even sent us all Ranger's baby photos! The Oglala Pet Project followed through what they know to be right - to make sure all adoptable feral animals from the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge reservation have a forever home. They wanted nothing from us but to know if Ranger was loved, and would be cared for always. 

I am proud to be a caregiver to a Dog born on the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge reservation, 
because he is a great dog

all because of great people in his beginnings 

He IS NOT someone's throwaway.

The OPP and Oglala Sioux do care what happens to their own.

Even with their very limited resources, they took important time out to look
for one of Mama Cleo's pups, again.

And when they finally found him?

They were happy!


Mama Cleo's last baby is now in his true Forever home.

photo courtesy of OPP!

Ranger, you are so loved.


I cannot express my gratitude enough to the Western Hills Humane Society  for their dedication to the Animals of Spearfish City, and to The Oglala Pet Project and the Oglala Sioux community for their commitment to their work - especially in helping Cleo and her pups in 2013 - we never would have even had the opportunity to give Ranger a second life if it wasnt for their dedication to finding homes for the adoptable feral dogs of the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation! 

Please click on the underlined links below
if you would like to see exactly how wonderful they are!



Let us unite to continue to help find the feral ones that can be saved
Initiate great projects for all animals!

Me & my Forestry Assistant, Ranger, 
say THANKS too! (woof!)


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