Inter-net memos

Organized Elopement part II  coming soon!

IN the meanwhile, a few Christmas outgoing memos....

Trust me -  2014 went fast this year. 
I have been busy trying to get in the mood for Christmas.
This is hard work you know.  
Poor Mr. Foresterman.

Yes, thats mistletoe late at night.

Anyhow, on to the feral Holiday inter-net memos

 if you receive a package from me,
 Im not sure 
if I washed the scissors 
I used for wrapping
I cut the the bottom of the horses tails
they dont get tangled in Sagebrush.

A fair warning;
If you find yourself sneezing,
you might want to add "horse allergy" 
to your list.


I will be attempting again
to send out Christmas cards this year.
Like last year and the year before that.
I think  I did actually sent out cards in 2011 though.
 I misplaced the Christmas stamps again
 accidentally bought blank cards 
which freaks me out
my handwriting is not up to Nun's snuff.

A fair warning;
 If you find yourself not getting a card,
please give yourself a hug; that's from freaked out me.


This year our tree will not have
its traditional white lights.
The white lights from the year 1999
finally died.
Although this could make Martha Stewart freak out,
I actually bought replacement colored lights.
That twinkle.
The packages says its "ELEGANT".

A fair warning;
 If you visit and find yourself getting ill
close your eyes and turn away from the tree
I found that the nausea dissipates
after a few hours. 


Mr. Foresterman is already getting ready for NEW YEARS EVE.

Consider yourself warned.

Youre welcome.



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