It just wasnt the same...


So why cant I blog like a normal person, hmmm? 

What the hecks a matta with me???


 We recently received a one year contract bid with the USFS! 

Im back in the woods again!

but the sad thing is, without Dexterdog


so it just doesnt seem the same 

we have been working & camping in our truck ...

- after just one day -

we headed into town

We really needed something to make things right.

Welcome to the team, Ranger!


so to all of you who said that I would someday find another buddy when I was blubbering "oh no, Dexter was my LAAAST dog..."

just stahhhp. 

The thundering million

 "I told you so 's" thoughts

right now while you are reading this 
overwhelming my little catholic girl guilt 

"Harpo, who is dis dog?"

But I'll get over it 

I have help now!




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