Good things come to those who are patients.

 On Easter Sunday this year, 
I drove 10 hours across Montana and NORTH DAKOTA by myself to visit this one...

noteboom photography

Just like her mother, she sometimes has weird things happen...

no, no, this picture is when she forgot 
to undo her wedding dress 
before she put it on...

we laughed hysterically and took photos.
took some more photos 
then we helped.

we are a helpful mom that way.  

apparently she forgave me 
enough time has passed since the wedding,

because she asked if I could be helpful again!

and i offered.

numerous times.

Once upon a time, she was a NCAA college gymnast,
and she bulked up those little lady legs of hers.

Apparently her legs protested by the way of 

"Chronic Compartments Syndrome"

which sometimes can kill you
they wanted to do surgery to release her leg muscles 
from its fascia 
it wouldnt cut off her blood supply when she exercised, 
hiked, or just plain walked.

She was in constant pain, and it did go undiagnosed for 5 years.

we were so glad they found the reason why!
Although its rare!
All us family members know about rare diseases!

Yes, thats 4 three inch incisions; one on each side of her legs.

she lives on the 3rd floor.


But its okay, 
her momma (me!)
stayed for  two WHOLE weeks!
And she let me be her mother!
And we are still talking!

But isnt she still married, you ask?

What about Christopher?

What did he think?

Where was he?

Here he is studying.

Here he is studying and being a good cat daddy.

Here is the patient, not studying 
because she has a degree in Political Science 
works in a career of public administration,
and was able to take off 2 weeks from work 
and watch Rupaul, Portlandia and an idiot abroad with me.
Game of thrones Sunday nights.
She was on pain killers.
I think she is wondering
if I will ever stop
with the camera.
I say
Im just practicing for grandcats *cough* grandbabies...


They are still very much married and in love!

Arent they a good looking couple!?


how did they end up in Grand Forks, North Dakota?



Why is Christopher studying 17 hours a day?

This building above is a clue...

You see,
When he graduated from University of Montana 3 years ago with two degrees,

He had a dream.

He wasnt quite sure how,

but he wondered if this dream of his would work out.

So after he graduated, he became a CNA...

while waiting until the following year
for his sweetheart to graduate.

Psst - He was known as the good looking strong man
who took good care of his patients...!!!


When she graduated from University of Montana also...



where was I?

Oh, they got married right afterwards!

At our place!

it burned up!

So he and his honey, 
because Christopher is the most wonderful of Sons,
 made sure we had help 
that we went on vacation with them to Yellowstone!

okay, that really doesnt have to do anything 
with the story right now,
but Christopher is a very considerate and special son in law!

BTW I love this picture - my honey and my new son!  Arent they handsome?

In the meanwhile, while Chris and Annabel both worked in Montana, 

he took a very special test,
applied to many schools...

he waited.

You see,

the schools he applied at,
you have to pay a $$fee just for them to review your application.

and then if they are interested,
 they call you for the first of many interviews
on their time,
no matter where the school is located at.

Its a very stressful, time-consuming process 
and cost thousands of dollars...

But because Christopher had scored so high,
works so hard,
interviewed so well,

and is good looking and smart and nice and fun and sensible
and the best hubby to my daughter and...i could go on and on!!!

His dream came true!

Yes, he studying to be a DOCTOR!!!!!

We are sooo proud of him!!!!

He is just completing his first year,
out of a class of 70+

he is ranked in the top two!


and this is why I was able to tolerate  

Well, the Jose on ice helped too...

So even if my one grandcat likes to sit in cabinets,

And my other grandcat likes to mimic 
his Daddy's 
"blue steel" pose,

We think you are the "cat's meow", Chris!

We are so proud & glad to have you in our family.

Thank you for all you are,
all you do,
we love you lots!



Please leave an encouraging comment for Christopher,
as he is taking finals this week, 
He could use all the good wishes
our blog family can muster!

Muster away,

everyone, please!!


Oh, yes
healing wishes for Annabel,
she is her mother's daughter 
is already riding bikes and exercising.



coming up -

Then theres the story of the prairie dogs
behind the supertarget...



  1. What a couple!! I wish both of them the best and I love that their futures seem so bright and hopeful. :)

  2. gefeliciteerd wat een dubbel feest.

  3. First of all, love the header on your blog!
    And several congratulations to Chris and Annabel:
    She for conquering what must have been a debilitating health issue (and how awful to put up with that at such a young age) and more congratulations for her excellent choice of husbands.
    He for what looks to be a well-deserved milestone. Best of luck to him on finals!
    Great post - I enjoyed it.

  4. Go Christopher go, I know you are going to do great because anyone that works that hard and has that much love and support backing him can do no other. I was going to wish you good luck but I am sure you will not need it you got this.
    Annabel Go girl go you are just like your Mom strong determined and have very good taste in handsome husbands:) I know you do not know me but I know all about both of you because your Mom never stops praising her daughters and their lucky fellas. Get well soon Anabel and Dr. Christopher being top two means no problem with those exams, you worked hard for this time. Remember to breathe and get many hugs when you can from your beautiful damsel in distress who is already riding a bike very cool, she rocks.

    Love the header Momma that will make an excellent book cover. You are such a good Mom xoxoxo

  5. Study hard Chris, you're going to make a wonderful Dr., and you'll have the proudest Mom-in-law ever.

  6. Prairie dogs behind the supertarget... Well now....good lead in.... I have to wait for that one and I waited till midnight last night waiting for this amazing story and then fell asleep and missed the unveiling........ darn time difference. I will be waiting........ it is always worth it.....xo

  7. i know you are bursting with pride - as you should be! a smart, caring, driven man. bless him!

  8. I was waiting for this post...and somehow missed it yesterday, so I went looking for it on my break from yard work this morning. Glad you could go be a Mom to your daughter...and glad she's recovering well! And...way to go Christopher...hope the finals go well!!

  9. With all the wonderfulness involved in Christopher and his now larger and incredibly also wonderful family, there is no way on Godsgreenearth that he will not make the most excellent doctor. And husband. And Son (in law). And cat daddy. And regular daddy for that matter. Hurray!

  10. Go Christopher ~ Yeehaw a good Dr. on the way ... YES and Congrats !
    Aanabel ( gorgeous and a great name) ~ your mom says your on the mend ... course you are ...your a fiesty feral offspring :)
    And you, Feral, great little mom and mom-in-law ~ your such a fun card and a good cheerleader/ caretaker .

    1. Psst Can hardly wait for the post installment "Annie get your Gun ~ there's free food behind Supertarget" ;)
      (joking , joking you know I love prairie dogs) !

  11. Oh, this is such a mixed bag post!! So sorry Annabelle has this problem and I sure hope she recovers totally with no further problems. And as for that Christopher, YOU GO guy!!! Good for you!! Now, as for you, Mom. Are YOU and Mr. Foresterman doing okay? Hope so. Hope you're having a wonderful spring.

  12. you are "knellimg"--and deservedly so!!

  13. Well.............. all's right in Feral's world! Hope your beautiful daughter heals perfectly, and Dr. Christopher aces his tests (of course he will!)
    Lovelovelove that header!

  14. Christopher, while I don't think you need it, you do have my very, very best wishes for your finals. What a great guy you are and what a marvelous, feral MIL you have. You see, I'm her Swedish goddess mother, sort of, and she's my feral child of the West. I know this makes no sense at all. Usually, I make a lot of sense, but for some reason once I get on Feral's blog, I completely lose my ability to make any sense whatsoever. All the best for your finals. And yes, you guys do make a handsome couple. And daughter is just gorgeous.

  15. YAY! to being accepted to Doctor School. (good lookin' guy) Good healing wishes to the patient. Love your photos...and you look so fiercesome in your header. Here's to a green summer without smoke.

  16. Glad to hear your daughter is recovering and congrats to the son-in-law! They sound like a very special couple!

  17. All I can say is Ouch, luckily for her she's young and will heal quickly. Good luck to your son-in-law, I hope his tests go awesomely.
    Lucky you, a doctor in the family!

  18. oohhh ouch ouch ~ So happy you are there to help.

  19. Wonderful! Glad your daughter is on the mend and congratulations and best of luck to Christopher! sounds like he makes his luck and will be great!

  20. Good Luck Chris Good Luck
    Good Luck Chris Good Luck
    From all of us to all of you
    Chris we say Good Luck!
    It's the only cheer I can remember!!! YOU CAN DO IT!
    And Annabel so glad your Momma came to help you out. You are one lucky girl, you know it? could say I captured a feral swarm of bees, huh? But you know what...ain't no one braver than YOU! No one.

    Cindy Bee

  21. Love love this post and now after the seventeen times I have read it I have one question. So what about the prairie dog? We call them ground hogs 'round these parts. I do hope the patient is doing well but I know having your genetics we know she is probably running by now:). The son in law we also know he knocked it out of the park because he is so clever and obviously has good taste in families to marry into and beautiful wives:).

    OK where you be you ``BLOGGER``?? you. This could be Motivation maybe:):) ?? xoxox

  22. Love the header!
    Best wishes to the couple
    Best wishes to your daughter in healing
    Congrats to Chris!! Way to follow your dreams!

  23. That whole post just made me smile. Congrats to Chris and heal fast Annabel!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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