Spring In South East Montana

Spring in South East Montana

I step outside
to first hear the low calling of a mama,
seeking out her gamboling calf
among all the others
he knows her voice;
they will find each other, satisfied for now.

Continuing onward toward a daily rite
I take my time walking slowly to the horses
the wind caressing tall stems of dried prairie blue,
the sun sending morning heat in bursts
through rolling wooly down clouds
navigating the spanning Montana sky.

Another species calls once - "CRANK!"
I turn and look;
its the cock pheasant
looking for love in creek bottoms deep
as I wait, he waits; will she appear?
Ah, there she is, strutting her run to her man.

Then the symphony of the Redwings begins
I forgot to fill the feeder with seed
they sing drawn out trills of protest
reminding me, and each other
of their recent hard times
surviving waters from north to south, and back again.

Impatient horses nicker loudly
snapping me out of my concert concentration
As I dole out their feed in flat round pans,
they watch intently each shiny grain

making sure that their master
does not take favorites this morning.

With chores finished, I take time to sit
on clinker rock overlooking the hayfields
The red shouldered hawk lazily flies circles
calling to his mate, once, twice, three times
Is it "good morning, my love!" or "I miss you!", or
did he find breakfast in those small short swords of green?

Next to me, I suddenly feel
a cloak of warmth pressing against my side
My beloved has joined me in the sun
We sit together, quietly absorbing
our surrounding world of natural awe;

A new Spring never gets old.

 j.l. Grinyer "Spring in South East Montana"



  1. Spring is so wonderful. I love those furry little flowers - Pasque?

  2. Oh this is so beautiful your words touch that part of my soul that seeks out nature.. You know except for the SE Montana thing and that very cool whiskery horse named Frostig this could be me at home on the farm. We live very similar lives my friend. :) Living and enjoying life in beautiful settings and letting nothing stop us from enjoying the gift of nature we are so lucky to have.
    But I have to say your photos tell a very different story than mine. Boy oh boy I do have to see those Montana skies amd mountain range someday. Nothing is going to stop that dream me thinks:) xo B

  3. GW Feral Woman,

    Spring rolls in, creating beautiful scenery, and sounds. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and words.
    Makes me want to move to Montana.

  4. Truly hear felt ~ beautiful .

  5. That is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. And I'm glad you had fun in your world during the process!

    Blessings and Bear hugs! And please don't shoot any Bears in the spring; their babies might starve!

  6. Spring...new life...indeed, it never, ever gets old! Enjoy!

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  8. I'll use a four-syllable Maritime expression to describe your poem, Janice -

    Bee-YOU-dee-full !! :)

    .. . .and then tell you we got snow yesterday - yes, REALLY!

  9. This is why I love reading your blog... some days your work cracks me up. Other days, you are serious. You create such wonderful images and sounds with your words. You have a way of drawing out emotions in me that I never expected. Who knew that tears of joy, or contentment, or something, would well in my eyes with the "cloak of warmth..." Thanks for painting such a beautiful Montana morning in spring picture!

  10. Oh, there's nothing sweeter than to share the great outdoors with your sweetie on a perfect day. Drink it all in whenever you can.

  11. Feral...that was just beautiful.

    Cindy Bee

  12. Beautiful- wish I could see Montana right now.

  13. Really nice..............


  14. I felt the Montana spring in my heart ~ this was just beautiful.

  15. I know the "CRANK" call of the pheasant rooster and rolling trill of the redwing black bird. Your words reminded me of so many other lovelies I enjoy when the snow FINALLY retreats and the air doesn't scrape going down. So fun to visit your blog.

  16. just found you. you were in one of my amigas sight, TexWisgirl (Theresa). Love your capture of your neck of the world. Gracias, this is beautful

  17. Beautiful photos. I can see now why Montana was John Steinbeck's favorite state in his TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY. :-)

  18. Lovely! Spring is nice. There's a Raven nest up the crick with 4 big pink yawning mouths sticking straight up in the air. Yesterday I got too hot, though, and decided I am ready for winter.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  19. Just wanted to say Thank You, my feral daughter of the West. It always brings joy to my heart to hear from you. Happy Mother's Day! ~ Inger


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