Uncle Eddie.

My uncle was unique.

He loved to listen to Cub games on the radio.

He could sit and put together a jigsaw puzzle for hours.

He loved to smile.

His favorite reply was "sure!"

His name was Eddie,

and he was our Uncle Eddie.

He had Down Syndrome,

an extra chromosome.

The beautiful video above from Coordown reminds us that this Friday 

March 21 

(that extra chromosome - 21 to be exact!)

was chosen to be

remember Busia with Uncle Eddie?

 but this video above also answers a future mother's letter,

 who is frightened by what it means to raise a child 
Down Syndrome

For my grandmother,
rather then "putting him away" as the unknowing always advised,
She was determined to raise Uncle Eddie just like her other children.

My grandmother's heart was fierce for this boycub of hers.

And so Eddie grew up in the 1940's with his siblings...

Playing the kid games of the war era just like the others,

And learning how to do chores... just like the rest of the kids 

It wasnt always easy for him
his siblings.

and it especially wasnt easy for my grandmother at times...

But then life isnt always easy either.

 Guess what though?    

Love always conquers doubt.

So whats most important is they made sure he had opportunity to grow.


know that he was loved too.

Dont worry Future Mom of a child with Down Syndrome,

it  will  be okay.


Thank you Uncle Eddie, for teaching us how to accept others,

no matter what our limitations are.

Uncle Eddie   1937-2006

I didnt know it at the time, but

You helped raise me into who I am today.


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