Landscaping with fire, and cat naming.


This Kitty here now has a name!

Our Tomaz tomcat is in love.  
He not only looks for her with that "whereareyou MEE-OOW",
but he shares his food bowl with her.

Even though she has her own bowl.

Yep. true sign when a man is in love.

AND We have been too busy of late! 

ALL the trees are being cut down.

and burned. 

Weve been burning everywhere.

Fire therapy.

most if not all the trees near the house are dead from the 2012 wildfire.

We need to remove them, and get rid of the fuel (branches) left behind on the ground.

With the late winter we had, its been easy to do.

Dont want another burn like the burn we had that burned!


Dont worry, i think i know what i meant...


So EVERYTHING is getting cut.

This tree here was over a 100 years old.

Now its going to be 

a big log

in a bunkhouse!

If we dont die first!


just joking. really.


we have a lot of logs ahead of us.

this is no mamby pamby job.

and a lot of bare landscaping to do.

With rocks.

Because rocks are free!

they dont cost anything!


Dont worry, i got this covered...


When  everything is burned up, it certainly makes conceptual planning easier!


If your house is going to look like brick fortress/prison on the hill,
may as well go with the affect!

 Who knows?
we might start a trend...

So we have been working hard around here.

*cough* reaaaal hard.

Oh? and her name?

Cats got my writers tongue, 
but we are working on her blogpost.

Because all girl kitties that Tomaz is in love with 
have to have
their own post, 

of course!




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