“Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”


is this normal?

is this a normal position for a cat to sleep in?

okay, thats better...

I thought for a moment her name was going to have to be 

"RK"  for "RoadKill" cat...



  1. RK is the best name for a kitty!

  2. too hilarious! 'smoosh' for a nickname.

  3. ~ the Road Kill Position is an indicator of a cat that is totally content, relaxed and extremely grateful to have a safe comfy spot on a squishy couch in a sunbeam with a new family to love her! (it also indicates a very flexible feline) *giggle*

  4. Nice cat. That is an unusual position to sleep in!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. That's the way I sleep yes indeed perfectly normal:) She's so pretty oh so pretty. xo Hug B

  6. I don't know if it's normal, but I love it!

  7. HA I am saving that name R.K. for my next barn cat ~
    well no they don't end up road kill ( Pita Peeps relax)
    but it's just a funny name !
    Where ya been Feral it's almost St Pattys day and I haven't heard a peep from ya
    over at me farm ~ don't want ta go all Catholic nun on yee again! lol
    Miss ya,

  8. Thanks for the smiles and giggles . . . I think, Most Comfortable is the best title!

  9. That gave me a good smile! Nothing like a sweet cat!

  10. Yep she looks pretty normal to me.

  11. Just blogging around and trying to share my give away. I am giving away a solar light on my blog, and all you have to do is comment and leave a way to get hold of you. Hope to see you there entering. Enjoyed your page. Every blog I enter is like meeting someone new.

  12. So, I see new miss kitty has taken over the best sunbeam in the house. Smart girl.

  13. GW Feral Woman,

    Your cat is silly, yes.......this is normal.
    She is pretty :-)

  14. Cats have a way of going boneless when struck by a good sunbeam--still, that pose in one of the more unusual ones that I've seen.

  15. Trying to get the very most from that sunny spot on the comfy couch! Silly kitty.

  16. Normal for a cat? I think yes. But cats are such strange creatures, it's hard to tell what is normal with them. Love the banner with the photo of Dexterdog. Dogs are such normal animals. And civilized!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  17. Oh, they can contort in all kinds of shapes!! Love that Roadkill kitty. Actually, I kinda like that for a name, too. Hmmmm..........

  18. I'd say she's comfy and feeling right at home!

    Cindy Bee


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