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Valentines day isnt just for Lovers you know.

And us, of course being raised Roman Catholic, 
and going to a REAL parochial school with Nuns with rulers,
we know the true story.

You CCD kids wouldnt know.
But we do.

"There are several St. Valentines," said the Rev. Michael G Witczak of The Catholic University of America in an interview with The Christian Post.  "One was a bishop, another one was a priest and Physician in Rome, who was known for sending letters of encouragement to stay faithful"

So what i remember about being a little Catholic girl on Valentines day was this;

being excited about having jello red hearts made by mom that we knew we would have as dessert that night,
going with my dad to pick out a heart shaped box of Whitmans and a bouquet of flowers for my mom, always last minute.
filling out each and every boxed store bought tiny valentines for schoolmates, 
picking out the favorite ones for the favorite ones,
and giving the odd ones to the odd boys so they dont get any ideas...
making a valentine card box to hold the valentines we'd get from our schoolmates to set on the edge of our desk all day, 
wondering if you get any, 
getting excited when that boy you had a crush on slipped one in without you looking 
and seeing 
he ADDED a red tinfoiled CHOCOLATE Heart...

and my mom.

My mom would always decorate for the holidays,
even though back then she was a working RN mom.
It might only be those red jello'd hearts with a dollop of real whip cream on them,
and a fancy doily under the salt and pepper shakers,
and maybe a paper cupid stuck on the door,
but she loved holidayss
she loved to love.

She'd love all of you just because you read 
baby's blog.

she'd give you a twinkie and a hug.
She was that kind of mom.

So this Valentines day, i want to share.

Because all of us sometimes

need to be reminded.

This was a note my mom hid among all her things,
for us to find after she died too soon of Ovarian cancer in 2005.

Happy Valentines day to all those who need a little love today.


me and my mom.

ps her lovely handwriting is due to Nuns.

Hug a Nun today if you got one.




  1. brought a sting of tears to my eyes. your mom and my mom had good handwriting skills - like good Catholic women. :)

  2. zeker zulke momenten moet je blijven koesteren.

  3. Oh My dear friend who had one of the best Mom's ever you made me cry.Oh I have to go find a Nun:) Thank you for making me laugh and cry. I have a wonderful Catholic raised by Nuns Mom too who loves the holidays and her family and has excellent penmanship no doubt from the Nuns ruler. Great post. That little note is the best. HUGS xoxoxox

  4. Ok... that note had me blubbering...

  5. For all those people who didn't have such a great mom. So sweet.

  6. Your mom sounds like she was an amazing lady and you, my dear, are a chip off the old block! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! :)

  7. Everyone should have a mom like that! Thanks for sharing the LOVE.

    Yes, the world seems to have no clue who St.Valentine really is. Or Saint Nicholas. Or why we celebrate Easter. Maybe we also all need a nun or two to teach us such important things; plus how to write in cursive.

  8. Lovely post . . . your mom was certainly all about LOVE to write a note that she knew you would find later. A Treasure indeed . . .
    You are right . . . death came much to soon for her!

  9. What a wonderful tribute to your mom!

  10. What a lovely treasure your Mom left for all of you!! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  11. Ah, yes. There was the time, long ago and far away, when there were Valentines in boxes at school, and well, a lot more.

    And what a note from your mom!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  12. Beautiful post. Since I don't have a sweetheart, I always appreciate posts like this that remind us that love comes from so many different places.

  13. Aww Feral .
    Big HUG to you.

  14. Aww- this brought back great memories of my elementary school days..the fun of getting valentines, and the boxes we all made every year ..such a sweet time. And then hormones arrived and boys and all that fun drama began. NOT. What a sweet sweet card your mom left for you.. HUGS!

  15. We would already love your Mom for giving us you - our dear Feral Woman. Thank you for making Valentine's Day special.

  16. You were blessed as was I with a mom who loved to love. What a wonderful way to describe that kind of person. I have no nun to hug, but would love to hug you my friend for sharing this with us. Thank you so much.


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