7 reminders that January languishes and needs to move on...

Because i only posted 6 times last month, I thought i would take time to explain why - 

Tomaz the cat keeps using the upstairs bath mat as his place mat.

Every morning we find a little mice kidney, or intestine right on top of it.

Stop, Tomaz, just stop.


The burnt trees from the wildfire of 2012 are coming down. 

Our house now looks like a prison compound on top 
of a bald hill on a bald ridge with blacken rocks and stumps. 
this is not what i had envisioned

and House Beautiful doesnt cover these kind of landscaping issues.
Im just going to have to figure out how to decorate with rocks 

until 15 years from now when the baby trees we will plant this spring
will become another fire hazard. 

I will try to keep the decorating with barbed wire down to a minimum.
Every time i draw a layout it just keeps getting more prison-y looking.  
Maybe Martha Stewart has some ideas...


The pinyon jays never left and are visiting every day now.

However no one else in the area has seen them. 

I make Mr. Foresterman come to the window to verify. 

It helps to have witnesses when you tell your embellished stories in town. 


My horses are becoming feedlot steers.

They will not leave their paddock to go nibble the exposed pasture.

Its so bad now that when I go outside they RUN literally RUN 

to the fence when they see me, thinking they will get unlimited buffet feedings a day. 

Ive taken to sneaking out the back of the garage,
flattening myself against the brick wall, darting to the propane tank,
until the horsetrailer blocks their view in order for them not to see me
and thats just to get the mail.
I dont know how im going to be able to get to the truck to leave the compound for groceries.


I have learned how to dismantle a front loader dryer.  
The dryer started to smell like burning things. 
There were burning things. 
I unplugged it, and took off the bottom cover. 
There was a layer of smoldering lint throughout.  
Apparently lint doesnt always go where its supposed to go. 
It was like all the lint in the county decided 
to have a party in our dryer, and one idiot lint lit a smokebomb and 
it took off in an uncontrolled burn.  
I let the lint cool down, gave it a stern lecture that involved hot words, 
then gave them a one way ride in a dry vac to destinations unknown.
Damage was nil and the dryer works fine so
we will not be pressing charges.


Isabel the old cat has good weeks and bad weeks,
and it vacillated between
thinking we needed to dig a hole vs actually digging a hole. 
Shes on ducolax now a few times a week and it seems to help...too much. 
So we visit her and i try not to get too resentful that 
she has my little desk heater that i adore in the bathroom with her. 
At some point we are going to have to finish digging the hole, 
but it doesnt look like it will be this month either.  
My goal is to keep her alive until November 
because i never had a cat die before 16 years of age 
except for george,
but we really dont know what happened to george
because one day he just disappeared.  
Though it didnt help that there was an eagle the next day watching the barn... 
..."on eagles wings"... 
We can only hope for isabel that it can be swift also...
but today is not that day... 
btw do they make little ventilators for cats? 


The propane man came and filled the tank - $2.58 a gallon.  
Not bad for us in our area,
considering that this propane shortage everyone is experiencing now
actually began this past fall.
All due to a really wet bumper crop of corn that needed to be dried throughout the upper midwest.
We drove through some towns where the corn was piled mountain high outside of dryers last November. 
Farmers were paying $$prices then, because the pipelines that ships that stuff
didnt have the capacity nor trucks to move it around well.
then the winter came and now those who heat with it in areas 
where propane has to be shipped even further are feeling it too - 
so now its in the news.  
Our US infrastructure doesnt support massive quantities of propane to be moved around - 
time for a looksee on all sides to improve that - 
especially for farmers, the ones who produce food for the nation and others.  
However, my feral reasoning says maybe if we all buy 
one less bag of doritos, there wont be as much corn 
(such a high maintenance needy seed...i can relate to that little yellow nugget...) 
planted next year. 
My campaign - "one less bag, one more gallon of heat"...
but you know we will all forget about it this summer 
when its nice and 80 f outside, and 
dang if i wont forget as I stand in front of the snack section,
eyeballing the blue shiny "cool ranch flavor" bag,
while holding a 6 pack of corn syrupped dr. pepper ...
never mind.


I am slowly getting my sleep and awake patterns back. 
I lost them somewhere back on January 5 
and forgot how to do this "go to bed and get up" thing...
then its even worse because i wear SPF 1055 
to avoid looking like that avocado 
that i forgot to eat that time that got stuck under the crouton bag  (dont ask)
and then I get s.a.d. from no sun contact.
"seasonal affective disorder"
but i dont feel affection nor give it.
S.a.d. is like a real derpressing (misspell, it stays) mental type thing 
that makes you want to lay down and languish like a clam. 
clams dont move much. I was like a clam. 
so i had to wash my face of spf 1020 and go out 
in below freezing temps of - 2 with wind gusts up to 45 mph  
and not be seen by the horses 
and feel my unprotected skin slowly freezerburn in the diminishing sunlight
and i would languish on a burnt tree stump. 
and freeze. but languish. 
now that the holiday of chocolate is coming up 
my smelly senses are starting to get excited (clams can smell) 
and my languishing is limited to only a few hours a day...
its pretty good.


here are some pictures

February of 2012 -

this is the crossroad to my dentist. he's 2 1/2 hours away.

this is burnable. it burned in 2012 real good.

this is mr. foresterman & Sally the wonder pony. 
She lived to be 24.

this picture makes me laugh - and there was barely no snow in February 2012!

I am still cleaning up my photo files that are languishing...

so we will eat good smelly things like chocolate 

and post more about February 2012 !



  1. Best of luck to Isabel, your old cat. And to you, with keeping her around.

    Your horses are so funny. They at least, are making use of this horrible winter... Becoming very much prima donnas and expecting feeding... With out any work, on their part. -grin-

  2. laughed at the feedlot steers and your effort to get outside w/o them seeing you. i have that here with whistling ducks, i'm afraid. :)

    i tried to follow your propane shortage explanation (because i haven't googled it). so, the propane was all used up in the midwest drying a record corn crop? lots of folks in wis are paying the horrible prices, i know.

    and razor wire looks really pretty in the sun but doesn't exactly make your place look friendly. we have a federal prison in our area - right next to a city park and playground with a sign that used to say 'city of opportunity'. the shiny razor wire kind of didn't give you a warm and fuzzy feeling...

  3. I go through the same routine trying to go un-noticed by my goats. It rarely works, as they seem to have heightened senses and can hear my boots on the gravel - or even can anticipate my boots on the gravel. It's eerie. And does it seem that we are playing February over again? I swear last month was February because I am completely over winter already.

  4. Glad to know that your languishing is more limited. Languishing is such a sad thing — like you're going to fade away to nothing in a month or so.

    Your horses probably haven't been ridden for a while, and they are getting lazy. Actually, they're likely languishing in the paddock. That could be serious. At least Dexterdog goes and checks on them.

    I also hope you are less s.a.d. My light box is helpful that way. Especially if I turn it on.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Janice.

  5. Oh sorry I am late my sister who is one of your biggest fans told me about a post where you were talking about propane and I asked What post? Yeah that is my story but I like your story much better.Your writing is keeping me sane right now and I have no idea why that could be. It is probably the attention to detail you have in every subject, it could be your endless compassion for two legged and four egged creatures myself included, it could be your humour oh yes that is the one that I love. Thank you for being you.
    Martha Stewart will be doing a spread in her magazine on decorating with nothing and still being able to pull it off come Spring I know you will do it, you are the most determined lady I know. That S.A.D. thing is not a nice thing but chocolatecertainly helps:) Thanks for making my day:) We have lots of sun between those endless days of blowing freezing snowstorms...... come here:)xoxox

  6. Love the header I lived there once. True story:) xoxox

  7. You have such a way with words...I get a chuckle every time I read one of your posts. Well...almost...not the ones about the fire, or when an animal dies. :( I can't imagine driving 2 1/2 hours to my dentist. To the mall...yes, but the dentist? Hmmmm...It's a whole different life there. I'm spoiled by having 5 minutes to everything. Enjoy the chocolate! I'll eat some with you.

  8. Feed lot steers...haha...I have 2 of those too. Our old ewe was the same way, we had to go out the back door and sneak to the car or she would start a baaaa baaa until we came over and rubbed her head or scratched her jaw. I laughed at your story. We are living the propane shortage here in WI. We were lucky, as we heard there would be a shortage and called - they would only sell us 300 gal. @1.89/gal. Now, you can only get 100 gal. @ over $5/gal. It has been around 59-61 in the house. S.A.D. - I didn't know that was something real - I've been a slug in my electric blanket - well, like I said our house is cold. Yesterday it was -32 here not including the wind chill - I couldn't stand to hear that number. Well, have a great week. Blessings from Ringle, WI.

  9. Your horses sound like our cows.

  10. Sounds like you got the February blahs in January.
    I love that photo with Dexter so happily running.
    It's very kind of Tomez to leave bits of his dinner in case someone else is hungry.

  11. I'm sneaking in some blog reading when I should be doing dishes so I'm not checking the comments so I don't know if anybody suggested using a bundle of dead shrubs and sticks as a camouflage to fool the horses when you move about the place . (Sort of like the army that defeats Macbeth when they come through Birnam Wood and each soldier cuts a large branch to hide himself, so that when the army moves on it looks as if the wood is moving). But on second thought that would probably scare the heck out of the horses and you might have to bring out the feed back to catch them. (I digress) Love all your posts. Keep blogging even if you feel like a clam sniffing chocolate.

  12. We have a couple of feedlot steer horses here too. How do they know when it's 4 PM? They come and stand at the gate and look at the house! LOL!! I hope your old kitty makes it a little longer. The winter blahs and S.A.D. could most definitely be cured with chocolate, I think that must be why they stuck Valentine's Day in the middle of February! :)

  13. I just found your blog and am hooked already.

  14. My old mare can hear me move the curtain over inside the house to check on her-(just like the dang birds!) her ears pop up and she stares at the bedroom window. I try not to go out that way if I can help it. She gets fed twice a day as it is because we are trying to get some weight on her. What is SPF 1055? You lost me on that one. And I sure didn't know that the propane shortage was due to drying corn...I couldn't imagine and thought some broker somewhere had made that all up to jack up prices.

  15. I'm so so glad Tomaz is OK again, hunting and leaving treats for you. No doubt he knows what you did for him. DexterDog in full gallop, what a gorgeous sight. And your header photo is beautiful in its stark simplicity.

  16. A great entry but what stands out most to me is making sure to have an eye witness to life events and future embellished stories!! I always tell the hubs when we are with family and friends, just agree with everything, don't make me look bad, sometimes I "add" just a little, ya' know, just to make the story interesting!! I have been know to say, don't let the truth get in the way of a good story!!

    I feel sad for your baby trees!! And all you need is love to make a house a home!!

    I really enjoyed your images today!!

  17. Feral you ALWAYS make me smile.
    I will have to try stealthy tricks to sneak away from my equines without having to throw more hay ~ too funny !

  18. Good luck to you and your endeavours.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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