sporadic truth in numerical numbers on a weekend...

Ebony smiles. and needs dental floss after eating his IR pellets.

1) Hey guess what?  I got new landline internet this week that just came recently available in our area, unlimited, and its faster then that dang Satellite service net we have been paying big bucks for limited internet! Although sigh, now this mean I have no excuse NOT to post either...I guess i will start working on the backlog of photos - i think i was on February 2012 if im not mistaken...and NOW I CAN see peoples blogs during the DAY - and I can DOWNLOAD WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA  nothing will stop me now!!

Frostig's working on his best side

2) I went to the clinic in our local town, which is 46 miles away, where a PA comes in 8 times a month... and they told me i hava borderline UTI. Made me feel like a bladder wimp though - i thought i was dying by bladder for sure. they gave me a certain pain med that can make your contact lenses turn orange, along with other body products taht can turn orange - i turned those down, because well, oompa loompa eyes...but dont worry, I did get the drugs that kill all the bacteria. all.  now i need to watch John Stamos in those greek yogurt commercials to get motivated to get good bacteria back ... and i can do that because I can DOWNLOAD WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA nothing will STOP ME NOW!!!!

Dexterdog's still got it! going on 13!

3) I just learned this week that ever since my diagnosis two years ago, Mr. Foresterman periodically checks to see if im breathing during the night. Im not quite sure what to do with this information just yet...but the first question when i found this out, being me, was asking him if i snore. He said no, but i deep breathe once in awhile.  Leave it to my prideful vanity to ask, forget health aspects...however, I am known to love practical jokes...MAYBE I SHOULD LOOK ON THE INTERNET FOR GOOD ONES because I can DOWNLOAD WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA nothing will STOP ME NOW!!!!

That big tree right there is close to 200 years old...we are going to leave it as a snag tree for the critters.

4) An unknown fact - Mr. Foresterman was a volunteer for a county Ambulance service back in Wisconsin many moons ago.  Knowing this, I try to minimize any pain that i have taht i think might be killing me, because otherwise he gets this worried expression on his face and then i worry that i am killing him with worry while in killing pain, and wondering if he's thinking about outfitting the bedroom with a defibrillator...but now, I can look up symptoms, keep my hypochondria quiet and I can DOWNLOAD WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA nothing will STOP ME NOW!!!!

Dried Asters, i do believe...pretty!

5) Trees are being cut down every day - we only have about 35 to 45 left on the property to cut.  We have enough firewood thank you...but what to build with all these nice logs?  How about a bunkhouse? So we are looking for easy designs on the internet because - i can DOWNLOAD WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA nothing will STOP ME NOW!!!!

love our "new" driveway. Now I dont worry about facing death while sliding backwards in a quarter ton truck...

6) I havent taken down the Christmas tree yet - because I can DOWNLOAD WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA nothing will STOP ME NOW!!!!

this is why i get strange diseases.

SO uhm, excuse me. I have to go and drink water now. Really, I am very very healthy.
This Bladder is floating without a bacteria care in the world...

but it can


nothing will STOP US NOW!!!!


and so

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  1. You seem to be a bit — how can I say — "touched" with this notion that you can DOWNLOAD THINGS ON THE INTERNET WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA and nothing will STOP YOU NOW!!!! Please, relax. I know the process is novel now, but don't burn out your computer on the first day.

    Life seems to be proceeding for all concerned, so this is good.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  2. We never tried satellite internet, I couldn't find anyone who had anything good to say about it. Glad you are having a ball out there!

  3. Oh my, the free download seems to have created an info maniac ~ sorry Mr. Forrestman I did say "info" not "nypho" ~ but nothing will stop her now. lol

  4. Somehow I get the feeling that you can now DOWNLOAD WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA!! Is that right, because if it is, I may be psychic!!

  5. Have fun downloading! Lol , I think its sweet that hubby checks on you , a little unnerving maybe but sweet. Get yourself some cranberry juice too for that bladder

  6. Is it wrong that I am jealous of your brand new shiny Interwebs connection? No fair! I want that too.

    Really, I'm so happy for you -- this satellite thing can be for the birds sometimes.

    Neat to see you on R5F this week -- and watch a few videos for me will ya? Must be nice. :)

  7. Happy Downloading!! Be careful...it's addicting! :)

  8. ja ze mogen wel uitkijken voor je.

  9. Yay for more blog posts! Yes, cranberries for UTI- google it! Because you can.....

  10. DOWNLOAD THINGS ON THE INTERNET WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA Oh YES this is exactly what I need right now. You are the medicine that works for us all. YEAH YEAH xoxoxo

  11. Now: If your town is 46 miles away and mine is only 15, how come I don't get landline service? I KNOW my boondocks ain't nothing like yours. And still, well, at least it isn't LIMITED, whatever that means. Other than that, Dexter Dog is adorable and in such great shape. These Nordic type dogs tend to live long lives.

  12. We tried satellite internet a few years ago, before we could get dsl in our remote area of the county we live in. It was horrendous, so I can feel your joy! DOWLOAD AT WILL! lol

  13. Sometimes, it's just enough to read the heading of your posts to make my day - and make me wonder.... :) Kidding! I love your posts and use them like tonic.

  14. Sorry about the UTI, what a pain, but at least now you can look up symptoms and cures and DOWNLOAD WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHAHA! ;)

  15. You nut case, what would we do without you. By the way, I found out my potassium level was really low. Yes I took your advice and I've been eating bananas. Thank you very much. Now your turn to get well. Heard of cranberry juice? I heard and have experience that it helps UTI's. You can look it up since you can download with free will! hehehe...

  16. Hey Feral! Welcome to the world of fast internet with unlimited download! Woohoo! Looking forward to more of those stashed photos, especially the horse nostrisl and cattle guards (guarding the the road). If you have any kind of liking for yogurt without all the gooey jam, sticky sugar and with a bit of a tang (unless you've had a bad experience with milk a little past due date) here is a SUPER SIMPLE recipe for REAL yogurt never been touched by Jamie Lee Curtis or anybody else but you.


    I keep my plain yogurt-in-the-making warm in a small cooler with a couple of bottles of hot-ish water and add a couple of packets of Stevia to it for a little added sweet. In 9-10 hours VOILA! A quart of creamy yogurt made from the milk in your fridge.

  17. A dear blogging friend told me I should check out your blog. You are so funny. Congrats on the unlimited internet!

  18. dexterdog AND nancy sure do got it going on!!

  19. Ah, I can understand your euphoria. I am at a campground with free Internet and guess what?! I CAN DOWNLOAD WITH FREE WILL AHAHAHA.... and I can read blogs.... and I can write posts.... and I can shop Amazon.... and I can comment on blogs.... and I can DOWNLOAD.... AH, life is great! Until tomorrow when we head up the road to no-internet-man's-land!
    Thanks for your fun post and your happy dance!


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