Overdoing Holiday life ...water is important or "how i got a UTI for Christmas"

Look, theres going to be no explaining where I have been. I have even noticed i lost a few readers, because, well, i guess ima bad blogger... a horrendous blogger...a INFECTED blogger...but Im so sorry, thats the problem with me - I am a feral being - kinda just like this lil' bunny warming up at the boy's watertank the other day-

bet he has some stories to tell his family after he gets done warming up by those peoples house - doesnt he look like he needs a little parka on? I have been tossing him a little pelleted feed here and there...hes smart though because he knows where the fresh water is...I might have Buttons knit him a hat... too bad he cant come in on account of that opposable thumbs thang' turning doorknobs though... and his furry paws would get in the way of the laptop keys so he cant tap out his blog stories either...

but i can blog a little. so i will now. really.

(cooommme baaack! pleaaaaase!)

SO just consider me that Feral, wayward, odd relative that occasionally dissappears once in a while but always shows up with weird gifts and interesting stories...however, One of the gifts I gave myself lately hasnt been too pleasant though -i think I may have an UTI from eating and drinking and eating and drinking and  forgetting that water is necessary for a life force but alcohol and sugar and choc-col-late are not good life sustaining things but are wonderful opportunities to poison yourself over and over again at a holiday moment and enjoy every stinkin' moment of it - forgetting to wash it down with water...but dont these look good - 

BTW its okay you tisk-tisk mom types out there - I will be calling the Doc tomorrow to get this taken care of before i have to give another body part away like a kidney...or an ureter...I like my kidneys, they are a pretty shape, make lovely colors and then my ureters match so i hate to break up accessories...


anyhow, let me backtrack so i can confuse you some more...

Christmas Day was a wonderful treat 
- not only because the cat eventually pooped -
because these two showed up at 1:30 AM 

they wanted to surprise me and they did...i was wondering why Mr. foresterman snapped at me at about midnight that night "why are you closing the curtains??!!" Im sure the look i gave him was one of "because...its nighttime??"...and i didnt think about it too much because well, he has his "stingy with electricity, why are all the lights turned on?" old man moments once in awhile, and i thought maybe this was his christmas gift to me - "you can waste electric heat!"... So when I was putting the finishing touches on a present for him in our bedroom, in the dark with one light on but curtains now not drawn because im thinking this is my "stingy with electricity, why are all the lights turned on?" old man christmas gift, in walks the youngest daughter, with a big "SURPRISE!" and then a concerned look on her face because i just stood there, shocked, wondering if I maybe had too much white wine and fresca, the drink of my peoples when we are in that stress mode of holiday must do's and now i was hallucinating holiday wishes bigtime.  Once she realized I was okay, and i realized i was okay, we hugged forever and then I fed her and her Chris the rest of the lasagna i had made for Christmas eve dinner as we are ethnic that way though not Italian, and we stayed up until 4:30 am totally forgetting that the day was Christmas until it came time to open gifts and eat a belated turkey after a brief sleep, it was that wonderful...

anyhow heres the tree - 

but hey, going on about building up that perfect storm for a holiday UTI - did you know that brandied eggnog and a plate full of gourmet mac and cheese w/real crabmeat is another wonderful holiday moment, especially at the Montana Brewery? i had two grownup eggnogs and i was feeling the holiday spirit so well, and meeting up with my oldest and her fiance David from Arizona along with the youngest and her Chris from exotic Grand Forks...well, having my daughters there with their honeybuns and my honeybun forester made it all even more special...so special that i totally forgot it was -10 f that night and i was wearing a fun little dress too that exposed my kidneys in all the wrong ways...but their eggnog was a body warmer for sure...too bad I forgot about that 'free water thing...and then the next day, at Old Chicago, drinking Stella beer and eating  copious amounts of appetizers that leached out goodness of calories and scary things to doctors, watching the packers win, well, observing other people watch the packers win as we were busy chatting, with the occasional "YAY!!" omitting from us ladies when the place would light up at a touchdown...and of course me forgetting that water was available in Billings MT for free...

This UTI has been worth every stabbing pain I get now when nature calls,

all due to these girls pictured on either side of me -
can you tell I havent learned how to send pictures to my blog? and drink lots of water?

So then it was a sad bye bye on my part to my Girls and their Honeys, 

But hey, we rang the new year during daylight hours with our neighborhood gang! and it was spectacular as it can get in Powder River county...although I did force neighbors to drink champagne with me, but thats okay because the shortest one in the bunch (who is not me in this case)  gave a call to us to instigate this impromptu party "I wanna have a party at your house!" and i thought, "who can turn down an invite like that?" so I had to make sure when it finally happened that we toasted the whole wonderfulness of the idea...anyhow it was authentic Thai food, Red wine, fresh buns and we did chocolate, massive amounts of chocolate, along with fresh tapioca pudding and ANOTHER pumpkin pie made from scratch...my insides are still aching thinking about it...making sure our guests had water however forgetting that this same water could be available to me...anyhow, heres one of the gifts I gave Mr. Foresterman for Christmas -

can you tell that this man was up until 4:30 am 
then got up a few hours later?


thats a big box of chocolate.

he needs help.

After I go to the Doc's for some drugs.

and drink lots of water.

lots of water.


HAPPY NEW Seasons to my Blogger friends and New friends!!!

ps I have so much to learn...Im only 50! Yay! 
and i have free water!

psps- cat's still pooping fine. I would too if someone was feeding me the good canned stuff everyday and giving me kitty massages. Maybe she will make it to 16 years this autumn?

pspsps - which i wish i could do freely - also, reading other peoples blogs has been entertaining these last two weeks; however if i left weird messages, its because i was doing it from my phone that i do not know intimately yet, and I was in a total knocked up sugared state of mind. I apoligize. So does my kidneys and various accessories. We regret it. Really.  But we still liked what you wrote on your blogs! and why yes, I am a trouble unto myself!



  1. Look ~ I made it here first this time ...to wish you well and UN~UTI soon
    You always get my vote for a fun blogger ( even when you don't leave comments over my place for a LONG time!)
    Still and all I love it here and I stand by like a good follower... of feral beings :)
    And LOOK I made it here first this time .
    Take your meds, bring the free water and get well soon
    Wishing you all the best in the NEw Year.
    Yours truly,

  2. Excuse me while I go get a drink of water:)

    Happy New Year.

  3. Your one amazing fun feral woman.
    You leave me craving chocolate, wine- hold the fresca, and thirsty for water n more water.

    Bless your feral heart.. Be well be happy :)

  4. First thing I have to say is that is a mighty big box of chocolates and I will be right over:)
    A hat for a bunny oh I can so do that I think as you know they are a little wonky but I am sure I will get it eventually thank you for thinking of me.
    Oh I am so sorry you forgot to drink water and wore non warm clothes and made yourself sick oh I am truly sorry about that had one of those once not nice hurry to the doc and get that fixed OK
    I love that you were able to spend time with your lovely daughters and their beaus I know how much that means being a Mom of two daughters myself.
    By the way I was laughing so hard I almost --- my pants. It is so nice to see you back and I truly wish I had of been at your neighbours party at your house maybe I AM taller than someone:) We have lasagna for Christmas Eve too, I knew we had a lot in common.
    Take care of yourself my feral friend those who left will be back because girl you are so funny and I know I need that kind of medicine. Now I must go do chores then make a bunny toque if I can figure out how to leave holes in the right spots:). Hugs xoxox B

  5. Oops your 13 foot tree looks fantastic. Have fun getting back out the door:) xoxo

  6. That's a big box of chocolates. Yup. I'm glad the cat pooped. My dog threw up this morning. Although you had reason to celebrate and I didn't. I still have to clean it up. Did I say that's a big box of chocolates? Get well soon.

  7. I'm glad you had a Merry Christmas and all, except for the UTI. Enjoy many glasses of water, it's free!

  8. This is just the kind of post I would expect from a feral woman! If all that chocolate is gone, I am sure things will get back to normal in the near future. So nice that you could spend time with your girls! Happy New Year.

  9. I'm voting with Willow on the Fun Feral Blogger. Good luck at the Drs. Painful peeing is the pits. How super cool you had your girls home for the Big Binge. Ummm... did Mr. Foresterman have any chocolate left because I don't live that far away and I ate all mine. Just wondering.

  10. you are a mess in any year and any season. now, pass me a row of whitman's. :)

  11. Hey there, Feral!! Happy New Year to you and Mr. Foresterman. That UTI sounds nasty. Were you doing the sympathy thing with Isabel, by chance???? I know all about that forgetting to drink water thing. Makes me swell up like a toad when I forget, like right now. But, riding in a car for two LONG days will do that to you. Hope you're all better real soon. And, for the record, I don't care how long it is between your posts. You can't get rid of me that easy. :)

  12. I feel your pain dear....no really I do.
    Pass the Chocolates please?

  13. Did not loose me as a reader! I love your blog, and you are not the only one that has to take a picture on of the picture on your phone for ones blog! TEEHEE! Hope the UTI is getting better! HATE THOSE!

  14. Happy New Year Janice! Are you drinking cranberry juice? That and water help a lot. I was kind of an expert on UTIs in my youth. ah hem.

  15. We knew you were just celebrating - although, had we known you were not drinking water, we would have come over there and caused an intervention. And stayed for some of the giant chocolate box. And the eggnog. Loved the (tiny) picture of you and your girls - lookers every one!

  16. I bet you didn't lose one person :-D.

    Happy New Year!!!

  17. beautiuful bunny, beautiful tree, beautiful pic of you and daughters and beautiful pic of Mr. Foresterman. Now I sure hope you get over your ugly UTI soon

  18. Oh my- food overload just reading this post
    1 Glad you got to have some quality mom time this Christmas, and that you posted a pic of the huuuuuge tree, (mine was all of 6 ft tall!) and I sure hope you get that UTI fixed- and Happy New Year!

  19. Feel better soon--it sounds like it was worth the UTI!!

  20. Glad you were with your family and had a great time over the holidays even if you did over indulge a bit.. Not sure about the cat pooping, I must have missed something...

  21. Wow fun filled and not so fun filled! Good luck on healin from the UTI......yes lots of water which is free to most of us in the U.S. A. ....feel better soon!

  22. Happy New year! You make me laugh. Drink your water, like a good girl. Eh, a thirsty girl? A girl who wants to keep her kidneys? Seriously- hope you feel better.

  23. Happy New Year!! Drink up[ that water! I have never had a UTI and from the sounds of things I never want one. Love your Christmas and New years sounds wonderful!

  24. I've had UTIs and they are not fun. Next time you get one run to the pharmacy and get this over the counter stuff called Uritrac (I think - something like that) and it will help relieve the pain until you pee in the cup, get the lab results back, and get on the necessary antibiotics that you MUST TAKE UNTIL COMPLETELY GONE EVEN IF YOU FEEL BETTER SOONER. I am so happy for you that your girls came home. How very special. What a wonderful surprise. And that the cat pooped. We are having a time with our dog pooping outside. It's so cold out and there is snow everywhere and well...he just don't wanna do it!
    Happy New Year!

    Cindy Bee

  25. I had to laugh because, being somewhat of a UTI expert, I do know you frequently get them from having too much fun...... Anyhow, I hope you took care of it and feel better now. Maybe next Christmas, if you made some Swedish Glogg (I have the recipe), the post that would follow, oh well, I can only imagine how much fun it would be to read it! Happy New Year to you and yours, may it be filled with joy.

  26. Happy New Year Janice, I'm sorry I laughed when reading this post...but it would be your fault. I hope all your parts are feeling better now. Your daughters are the spitting image of you it always amazes me when I see you together.I just about fell off my chair when I scrolled down and saw the cat....you really can't tell it pooped...... Hope you all have a great 2014.

  27. Sorry to hear of your Untimely, Tearful Infection over the holidays. Still you partied til you pooped — or the cat pooped, or something. Glad you had the girls with you! And Mr. Foresterman. And I see Dexterdog got in on the activity! And that tree is awesome! And the Bunny is cute. (And, yes, one of Buttons toques would ideal for him.)

    I cannot understand you losing readers. You are neither a reluctant nor a recalcitrant blogger — just a bit weary, perhaps. What you've lost in quantity will, I'm sure, not diminish the quality of your readership.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Janice!

  28. Ok, seriously..you must wash down those chocolate covered cherries with a tall glass of water...UTIs are not fun. I'm glad your peeps showed up just in time to spend a wonderful Christmas with you and the Mr. I'm late to your blog, so I don't know what else I have missed. I'll just say Happy New Year, and taketh thyself to the doc please.

  29. I never left your blog, but life kind of got in the way of reading all my favorite blogs and posting on my own. It happens. Sometimes you come to a crossroad and say 'hey....wonder what's down that way'. I love reading your blog.


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