can you find Dexterdog in this picture?

this one might be a little easier...

and this one easier yet!!!

And.... oh ick, Dexterdog!!!

We have been putting out lint fires in our dryer,
manual excavating a cat
floating grocery store eggs
this past week.

nothing really to blog about.

I have enjoyed unlimited internet, but its starting to run its course.


heres some pictures from Sundays walk.

i have plenty more pictures, but im sure you dont wanna see them...

(im practicing my catholic childhood martyr guilt here, how ima doing?)

oh yes, 
like you cant tell,
then theres this -

I have writers blogging block. 

it started at Christmas

it also includes:

writers christmas card block

writers thank you note block

writers dammit why didnt i write a grocery list block

writers im poor cant write a check block

a myriad 

(i always wanted to use that word...)

of other blocky type things.

Im gonna go drink a lime coke now and see if that doesnt unblock me...



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