can you find Dexterdog in this picture?

this one might be a little easier...

and this one easier yet!!!

And.... oh ick, Dexterdog!!!

We have been putting out lint fires in our dryer,
manual excavating a cat
floating grocery store eggs
this past week.

nothing really to blog about.

I have enjoyed unlimited internet, but its starting to run its course.


heres some pictures from Sundays walk.

i have plenty more pictures, but im sure you dont wanna see them...

(im practicing my catholic childhood martyr guilt here, how ima doing?)

oh yes, 
like you cant tell,
then theres this -

I have writers blogging block. 

it started at Christmas

it also includes:

writers christmas card block

writers thank you note block

writers dammit why didnt i write a grocery list block

writers im poor cant write a check block

a myriad 

(i always wanted to use that word...)

of other blocky type things.

Im gonna go drink a lime coke now and see if that doesnt unblock me...



  1. Talk about looking for miles, with you view unobstructed. So completely different from anything I will ever see here!

  2. It is winter after all, could be a winter writers block. I just take photos of my animals and tell everyone what they are thinking when there is nothing to say.

  3. I did see Dexter - well, I looked at the second pic and went back and saw him then. Really nice photos.

  4. heerlijk om zo door je hond gewaardeerd te worden.

  5. you and your cat have the same blockage problem, then. :)

  6. I understand the writer's block thing - maybe all of the iWork's are connecting behind a dam, and will spill over when full. Love the loving picture of Dexter and you.

  7. Oh dear... manual unblockage .... poor kitty!
    We're ok with writer's block as long as you keep the photos coming! After all, isn't a picture worth a thousand words?

  8. LOL! I have been blocked up for some time now! I have so much going on in my head, that when I sit down to write, NOTHING gets put on paper!

  9. You are hysterical :-). LOVE the scanning the horizon shot! You have such a great eye.

  10. Floating eggs. That brings back memories of finding a whole nest of ancient hen eggs, gingerly carrying them to the canal and tossing them. Yes all the ones that made it to the water floated. Yes a couple of the stink bombs waiting to go off--did. So we decided since we were covered with stinky egg that a long dip in the canal with clothes was in order. Somehow mom didn't understand. Wait Lime Coke does that??

  11. HI! Lovely Pictures. love that one with you 3 on......
    Greetings from Sweden.

  12. I too am blocked. I hope you're managing your cat manual evacuation. Or is it really excavation? I hope no machinery is involved.Poor kitty, the indignity. But what a loving mum to look after her so well.

  13. Poor kitty! (And poor you.) Dexter is handsome, and I found him in the first picture!

  14. It took a sec, but I found Dexterdog in the first photo! We will gladly take lots of photos until your blockage unblocks! :)

  15. I found him! Don't ya just love those icky kisses! I've been suffering from writers block for a long time now. Wish I knew what to do about it. Maybe I just don't care?

  16. Totally beautiful pictures!!!!

    Writers block, I had it...................came back but I'm struggling.
    So I do understand. Give it time, you'll get back to posting.

  17. Those are great pictures from your Sunday outing. My eyes aren't that great, so I have to enlarge things — and then I found a well camouflaged Dexterdog. Boy, he's sneaky! Boy, are my eyes getting bad!

    Sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations, Janice. Sadly, I often have the opposite of writers block. You can picture whatever you want. I think most of the things that you've listed as blocked are non-essentials, anyhow. Unless you carry a lot of guilt.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  18. I see Dexter dog is like Winston and loves his snow! I have been a little blogger blocked myself, seems this time of year we run out of things to say

  19. I haven't had an easy blogging day since before Thanksgiving. Seems to be an epidemic.

  20. An interesting post with some nice photos.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  21. Beautiful pictures. Looks like a lovely walk. I suffer from several of those writing blocks too. Well, suffer isn't quite the word. Maybe guilt is a better word. But, we do what we can.

  22. It took me several searches to find him in the first photo!

  23. Top photo... I see a wild horse, made by the snow....

    "(im practicing my catholic childhood martyr guilt here, how ima doing?)"

    -grin- I do hope it's been so long since you have allowed yourself to "practice" that, that it is a hard thing to do!



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