'so that you all will know you are having a good Christmas..."

I wanted to do a nice post - maybe a pagaent, or song put on by all the critters here...

I so wanted to make a post about our 13 foot tree and how it took me three days to decorate...

I really wanted to do a post on how I wish I could bring you all the merriest of Christmases'...

Instead Im giving a 15 year old constipated cat named Isabel enemas made up of 50/50 solution of warm water and  KY jelly 
(which im sure this is NOT what the company had in mind when they made up this stuff)
and slowly unplugging her while she sits on an towel, growling when i open the door,
 p'o'ed at the world, checking her kitty litter box in the downstairs cat hospital bathrooom 
(where Tomez the burn victim cat lived for awhile after the fire).

An average Cat's life span is 14 years; shes past due her expiration date, but too darn fiesty to believe in statistics anyway... 

and dang it if Im going to have a dead cat for Christmas.

"If you want to live I'll help you" is my motto around here, and she wants to live.

so while you are all shopping, having/going to holiday parties, getting your own abode ready for the holidays, wrapping presents and making good things to eat, sharing all the joys of the holidays with loved ones...I get to occasionally stare at the eye of the tiger, the eye of sauron, the blinking eye that spits back... Now just you Think about this whole process of giving an old tough barn cat an enema if you even want to complain one iota this holiday season, because I would trade spaces with you in a heartbeat on this one...give me your fractious mother in law, your cranky dad, your lazy spouse, because after what I have been doing the last two days, 

I know I can handle 'em easily...with rubber gloves on.

At this point in my life, im pretty sure I solely exist to make people feel better about their own lives.




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