January 2012 - going solo part 3...fin

 Heres the thing though - I didnt really figure anything out that day...


I did end up enjoying each moment out there.

I emptied my mind and filled it full of nature.

what do you know?

the most amazing thing happened a few nights after this solo walk - 

you see, i had a dream...

and in this dream, 
My dad, and his brother, my Uncle Lennie 
(who had passed away years before) 
drove up to our house here in Montana, 
got out of their car, 
gave me hugs 

and said 

"we cant stay long, we are on a road trip - we justed wanted to see your place"

and then they left.

You see, my dad never got to see our place here in Montana.

we would talk about it,
about how we would drive him out here and back,
he could bring nellie his little min pin,
but it just never happened;
he was busy, or we were busy...

But in my dream, he finally saw our place, 
our Montana,
and liked what he saw.

most importantly,

 I got to say goodbye...

"see you later, dad"

It was the best gift i could have been ever given in a dream.

When i woke up,
i lay there in the early hours of the morning...thinking.

 it was then I knew

it was going to be okay,
because they were okay.

was going to be okay too.



NEXT UP- you wouldnt believe what happens to me...

If i havent been visiting your blogs lately,





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