January 2012 - going solo part 3...fin

 Heres the thing though - I didnt really figure anything out that day...


I did end up enjoying each moment out there.

I emptied my mind and filled it full of nature.

what do you know?

the most amazing thing happened a few nights after this solo walk - 

you see, i had a dream...

and in this dream, 
My dad, and his brother, my Uncle Lennie 
(who had passed away years before) 
drove up to our house here in Montana, 
got out of their car, 
gave me hugs 

and said 

"we cant stay long, we are on a road trip - we justed wanted to see your place"

and then they left.

You see, my dad never got to see our place here in Montana.

we would talk about it,
about how we would drive him out here and back,
he could bring nellie his little min pin,
but it just never happened;
he was busy, or we were busy...

But in my dream, he finally saw our place, 
our Montana,
and liked what he saw.

most importantly,

 I got to say goodbye...

"see you later, dad"

It was the best gift i could have been ever given in a dream.

When i woke up,
i lay there in the early hours of the morning...thinking.

 it was then I knew

it was going to be okay,
because they were okay.

was going to be okay too.



NEXT UP- you wouldnt believe what happens to me...

If i havent been visiting your blogs lately,





  1. What beautiful, feral sorts of pictures, complete with Dexterdog, and an awesome dream, too! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. Love the banner with the highlights of the dog's fur and the seed tops in the field.

    Re - your dream, I had similar type of experience. After my brother's death on a motorcycle, I worried that he may have suffered. I had a dream too, where he came to me and told he died quickly. It's the soul's way of settling our distress. I hadn't seen him in a few years either. His was the first of three deaths in my family in two years (brother-30, uncle-31, father-52 ). A tough time..
    Hope you'll share road trip photots.

  3. I'm so glad you know that your dad is OK. And that you will be too. I care about you so it means a lot to me.

  4. Oh I am sure your Dad and Uncle Lennie loved your place because I dream of going to your Montana too someday and your photos always take me there, they leave me with peace and beauty. I have dreams of my Dad and my uncle Bud, my Aunt S and my Nanny and Grampa driving in a big old buick and they stop to say HI too..... I am thinking gas must be cheap in Heaven: )It always leaves mei n the morning feeling well loved. You gotta love that.
    I am so happy you got to say goodbye to your Dad and I know he was really there. Life does not end just because we no longer see them in the daylight hours.
    Road trip you say well I am waiting to hear all about that one:) Hug xoxo

  5. Taking a walk with a camera is a sure way to keep the pace slow which is great when recovering from health problems. Plus a camera is a good companion and never complains if you dawdle, explore and take in the surroundings. Having a happy dog along keeps away the bad and brings so much cheer. Love all the photos and the story of your dream. What a gift! Looking forward to Road Trip.

  6. Als je het zo mooi kunt navertellen dan zit het wel goed.

  7. Lovely Pictures, I love your house ....Beautiful!
    Majsan from a very stormy Sweden!

  8. I'm SO glad they came to see you--& I believe they DID!!

  9. Such a lovely dream you had that helped you get some peace in your heart.

  10. I'm glad you had that dream and the chance to connect with your family members who have preceded you. You will be OK, as you said.

  11. Death is a beginning, a door to eternity. Glad your dad stopped by on his way through!
    Lovely peaceful photos.

  12. Sounds like you got an answer to a prayer, a visit from Dad reassuring you all is well. A real blessing for you.

  13. Hey Sweetie,

    I love the pictures of your home, the beautiful countryside, and your dog.
    Your Dad and Uncle enjoyed their drive and visit. They just wanted to relay a message while you were dreaming. They both are always with you whether you're dreaming or walking around on your property. They love Montana as much as you do.

  14. How wonderful that your dad payed you a visit after all.

  15. I really treasure visits from friends from far away in my dreams. It is so pleasant to greet friends and family that way. Lucky you!

  16. He knew and he came to put your mind and rest and tell you to go on with your life and not feel guilty.

  17. WHat a wonderful gift that dream was!

  18. I am so glad he got to visit in the dream...


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