Back from the road trip... & death defying christmas tree hunting...

So we got back from our Familial History - seeking trip in one piece - 
we arrived home to -28 temps and very happy to see us animals...

Food. more Food.

We did this 2000+ mile round trip in less then a week, 
and will embellish/blog this coming week on what we did ...
it was very foresty and fun.
and familial!

In the meanwhile,

Its always comforting to find out that your long lost relatives 
had the same kind of adventures we have now - take for instance, this family photo above...

Let me explain.

It was time to go Christmas tree hunting yesterday!
We got a $5. permit and a saw!

And now I have a partner who can cut the tree for me!

Unlike this time here!

So let me take you back to yesterday...

lets go, Dexterdog, wez going on a truck ride!!!

and No, you cant drive this time.

yikes, we better hurry, suns going down...

why do we always do these things at sundown?

yay, we are in the USFS Forest!

Ima always first out of the truck!


And ooo look! someones been here recently!


dang those are big ones...

I know snow melt can do that to tracks, but these are fresh...

holey buckets.

too big.

no toenail marks. this is not canine.


I have tiny reindeer feet, but





Mountain cats have a "M" on their big pad...

Mountain lion?

Uh, Dexterdog, does that look like a cat house to you?

What do you mean, SURE?

never mind.




Mr. Foresterman!





Where ya going??!!!



taken in the dark. by a fretting feral woman.
SO Out in the open, ahem, wide open, we found our tree, tagged it, cut it, and dragged it out...

like in speed time.


for older people.

without further incident. 

what a nice Christmas memory...

So, back to the familial journey...

Unlike my third cousin twice removed pictured here
(i didnt make that up, really! I used the cousin calculater here!)

We will not be hunting this Mountain cat down, 
even though he lives about 5 miles away.

Id like to think he will go someplace Florida. 
I hear they are almost extinct in Florida...
They need more big cats.
 key word Need.
Maybe he needs a bus ticket.


This is Florence with her bobcats and trusty dog.

My third cousin twice removed.

Got that?

Back then they didnt have Gore-tex.

Fur, leather, cotton, linen and wool were it.

Heck, they didnt even have cellphones...

wait, we dont have cellphone reception out here...

okay, it was still different, we have much better visionwear now.

But I bet Florence knew about looking for 
Christmas trees under duress...

Because in this picture she has her going to town clothes on!


Up next, 

more Familial bonding 2000 mile roundtrip...!



  1. well, good you know where the big cat lives so you can stay out of his immediate territory in the future. sure hope the tree doesn't need too much trimming down this year...

  2. Oh that is a REALLY BIG CAT and I have a sneaking suspicion you got a Really Big tree didn't you? I am thinking since that is what I see jammed into your house..... poor Mr. Foresterman:). I find the M on the pad of the BIG cat fascinating I have never seen a mountain lion possibly because we don't have mountains but then again I never knew Florida had them either....mountains I mean not BIG CATS, I guess I know nothing about mountains or Really BIG CATS but I am looking forward to learning more. Do me a favour (notice the U) stay away from the Really Big Cat I would miss you.......Run Feral Run:)
    Your third cousin once removed(Oh I love the way that sounds) or I guess we can call her Florence if you like was very skilled with a gun and now she will be warm, she was a very stylish dresser.Oh yes back then you had to make or in this case hunt your own warmth in the forest with those BIG CATS good thing she had a BIG DOG and you have Dexter dog. xoxox.

  3. Third cousin twice removed sounds even cooler:)

  4. Oh but you didn't show the tree!!!
    I'da been hoofin' 'er outta there in a hurry with big fresh kitty cat tracks like that around. Unless of course I happened to be packing an equalizer.

  5. Dexter would have had your back. Looking forward to seeing that tree lit up.

  6. goodness, i had no idea, and no use for this extremely interesting information!! hehehe, you understand, living in the burbs and all!!

    but i would imagine it is great, invaluable information for you girls, living in the wild!!

    so wonderful to read about your adventure, and to see you today!!

  7. Holey crap! I don't know that I could have even picked out a Christmas tree with my Spidy senses tingling and sure come from some interesting people. I am thinking - seeing the picture of your third cousin twice removed - that you come from a family of cool cucumbers - imagine getting all dressed up to go out hunting. That's confidence!

  8. Um, I'm confused. So you got a tree, and there was a big mountain lion....and....yes that must be it, I've lost my brain.

  9. Maybe those tracks were just put down by some prankster cat trying to promote the legend of Sascat. Probably hiding in the "cat house" snickering at Dexter and you getting all jumpy. Or not. I love how Florence dressed up in her skirt and stockings to pose with the day's kill. Good luck with that tree. ;0)

  10. Cracking up about Florence's hunting outfit!
    Glad you found the tree and the cat didn't find you - I guess he wasn't hungry, after all of whatever he ate!
    I do like the calculator - I have trouble figuring out cousins and being removed, once, twice or more!

  11. You are one interesting gal my friend , and come from a long lineage of interesting gals ~ I am always mesmerized with jaw dropping action as well as great humor here !!!

  12. Now, that's an interesting trip for a tree!! It would scare the bejeebers out of me, but I'd also LOVE to have the experience. I do believe that we ought to be pushed out of our comfort zones on occasion. Its funny how, back in the day, having your picture taken was a big deal that called for best clothes and posing, no matter the subject matter. I think you do Florence justice quite well. Gotta have somebody carrying on for the family.

  13. Ok I'm going to say it. SHIT! Between you and CATS and Buttons and Bears (hey that'd be a cute blog name!) I'm going to have quick heart palps! Geeeesh, just go to Lowe's and buy a tree like we did!

    Cindy Bee

  14. My first though about cuz was 'she looks like she's going to the OFFICE!' I hope Dexter dog is safe with a big cat around, but then they do have large territories, don't they? I mean he/she will not just park there, even if he/she may not make it to Florida. Merry Christmas, dear feral and forestryman.

  15. Beautiful header and Pictures!
    Merry Christmas!


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