January 2012; So thus begins another bout of "walk therapy"

You are so all kind to indulge me while I clean up these photos from 2012...

These are from, yes you guessed it.

Another walk.

Except this time we walked on our property...

This is sad - we had so many trees before the fire that with the Winter Sun being low,

many things were in the shade at that time...


I must admit, I got a little teary eyed looking at these;

Sally is still alive in these photos.

showing me how better her blonde hair is compared to mine

She could move very well for an old lady pony.

Here again she is showing me that her hair can blow better in the wind then mine.

 and here she is photobombing to make sure I take a picture of her delicate nose...
which of course
was more delicate then mine also.

She had it - and she knew it.

What a great little gal she was.

Little did I know the bonding Ebony was doing with Mr. Foresterman here
would help down the road for the transition 
of when Sally died.

dang you little pony;
you left us good memories in the missing holes in our heart.

Anyhow, im going to put down the tissues and continue on 

with THIS walk.

here Dexter is telling us that there are some things in the Brome field next door...

dead or alive, Dexter?

 Ebony doesnt want to know. He's hiding here. 

So Mr. Foresterman opens the gate -

you know; one of those western ones that make you bust a hernia 
or lay down in the grass and whimper.

Guess which one i do.

But thats okay; it did all burn up in the fire - punished by fire.

Except now theres even tighter gate poles in its place.


Here he is reminding me to walk fast - the sun is going to go down soon!

He would alternate speeds this way.

Actually, he knew it was the only way to really get me moving...

"induced surreal forestry panic"


Walking in the dark wasnt too good of a thing when patches of these things existed

Could you imagine falling in the dark on a bunch of these?

I get one photo in of the beaver paddle* cactus that likes to hide in tall grass before it gets dark..
these spines are nasty but beautiful !

No wonder Mr. Foresterman calls me his little cacti...

*these are not beaver paddle cactuses; i made that up because i like to. 
They are Brittle Prickly pear cacti that break off easy 
sometimes on you, sometimes on the dog 
you have to take them out of dogs fur while trying not to get bit - 
by either dog or cactus
I try not to bite when taking them off of me...

 uh oh, Suns going down.

Here Mr. Foresterman contemplates where we are going to walk again.


Oh for sure the sun's down now!

So we walk down the hill to our road to take the easy way back in the dark...


Except now Im using a different muscle group because theres ice on the road.

in the dark.

Oh what a sneaky one he is, that Mr. Foresterman...

But I did get in shape after surgery due to his high stress terrain walking therapy!

 Goodnight Moon!

I gotta rest for the next walk!!!



are you really sure about this, readers?




  1. ja het zal niet altijd meevallen maar blijven lopen is de enige manier.

  2. Heck, yes! Give us ALL your photos, you feral girl photographer! I am hoping for many, many, many more, as between the fine-ness of your photography skills and the delightful narrative, I completely forget all the sucky parts of my life. Lead on.... :)

  3. I want more--I don't even need to use my cane when I walk with you!!

  4. I love looking at your photography's there amazing, just as you are :-)
    Thank you for sharing parts of your life.

  5. Thank you for sharing - you give us full spectrum living - all in one post . . . I am changed by this visit.
    Thank you.

  6. Don't feel bad, Sally had better hair than Farah Fawcett.

  7. I love these walks , great scenery and a wonderful narrator !
    Keep em coming :)

  8. yes, we're sure! bring it on! but try to hold back on the weepiness, k?

  9. Of course we all want more. It was so special to see Sally again. I know how you must miss her. I loved the picture of DexterDog sniffing in the air. Samson does exactly the same thing. When he knows wild critters have passed by here, he goes out in the dog run and turns first north, then east, then south, pointing his nose just like that.Some of these pictures should be framed and not discarded, btw. Hugs, from an old Swede

  10. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Take a walk!" Hope your walking goes well. I'm waiting for more.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  11. More please:) Oh those photos of Sally make me tear up too and she did have beautiful blonde hair like you and she had an incredible life so do not be sad OK. Dexter dog is so dapper in these photos. Mr. Foresterman is a very wise man and you his lucky lady. I am liking this whole walking with you and the mister and my not leaving the house or my chair thing so please keep going I can feel my muscles working too. Your photos are incredibly beautiful. xoxo

  12. Pretty little Sally, it's nice to see the photos of her although I'm sure they tug at your heart like my Stella photos do. I'm glad now that I took so many photos of her.
    You husband is a good man, helping you and motivating you to do those therapeutic walks.

  13. I'm lovin' these walks and it was nice to see Sally again and her beautiful blonde hair! :)
    I always make hubby open those nasty ranch gates...

  14. I enjoyed my walk with you...thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures...and the commentary is always good for either tears or some laughs! Can't wait 'til next time!

  15. I know you miss your pony. She was a very pretty girl! Love the pictures. Shame on you for not sharing them before!
    Love them all!

  16. Hi! I like your header Picture a lot.
    You present a great serie of top Pictures. The portrait of Mr Fosterman opens the gate is great. You can sell that to a Agency for sure.....
    Hat off for a great job!
    Majsan from Sweden//

  17. I don't know about anyone else but I sure do enjoy reading your posts. I feel like it is meditation and it is bliss.

    Thanks for posting!

  18. How many times do we have to tell you?? :) bring it on ....and that moon, WOW

  19. Nice photos. Sorry about Sally - she looks like she had a great life!

  20. Sad to remember your lovely Sally, but somewhere someday...

  21. Yes the photos help the words come out. Of course I am still enjoying your walks as much as I love mine and change of scenery is always nice. Dam those old style gates. I have a couple at my place. They are death traps.


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