a unpathetically surprisingly wonderful weekend!

This weekend, I was pretty darn happy that we got an extra hour for that spring forward, fall behind daylight savings thing they like to do to us....

 We're gonna use the extra hour of daylight to cut down trees - as you can see, our view is changing fast.
All the burnt trees from lasts years crown fire are now officially dead around the house.
Even my three pathetic "please hang in there" trees.
But we have lots of firewood and poles.
 lots is an understatement.

Dexter here is asking "where are all of my bathrooms???"

I digress.


Me and Mr foresterman went to an auction to forget about cutting down trees for awhile.

And it was a good one.


as you can see by my $10. chair here. 
Im pretty sure no one died in it and it does not have any weird smells. 
I didnt screw up once while bidding; you'd thought I was Dave from Storage wars, but in a more pathetic passive agressive way, like
with a warm coat and hat and gloves and blonde hair and a cough.

It was like "Miracle on 34th & Rural Street"

*key word for today is.... "pathetic" ...who remembers the game show "password"?  okay, i am now really pathetic*

So moving on, this is my $2.50 Krumkake iron I won.  
I am going to move on from stuffed zuccini to this.
Wish me domesticated luck. 
for $2.50 i can afford to experiment a little....

Then i saw these -

And I bid 
and won all of this Wilton/Columbia PA 1970's Pewterware
for $7.50!



then it got even better-

Mr. Foresterman bid and won a box of books from the late 1800's.

for $2.50.

Weird books,
but none the less, it was won FOR $2.50!

We should have him give us a book report after he's done...

Since we were at the Creative and Artistic part of the Auction,
i then bid on this -

an oil painting by a local artist who died at age 98 just a few years ago.

She painted this Elk family when she was 75 years old.

and I bid on it for $35. 
and won.

and its now in our living room,
at a very nice price!

But that wasnt the most expensive part of the auction ....

this piece was made in chicago and shipped all the way to Australia, and then shipped back to Montana.
Its traveled more then I have!
I love the solid oak paneled doors and trim.
this is where my heart went pitter patter and yes,
i may have went overboard a bit; i bet my lips were murmuring "mine mine mine" the whole time while bidding.

here it is, ready to be dragged up the stairs.
its still waiting to be ready to be dragged upstairs to our bedroom.
For a $130.00 it is all mine though, and i sit and admire it,
while it waits to be dragged upstairs.
its lovely.
all mine.

But this isnt the most lovely thing to have happen

well, besides this too~

When we got home from the auction that night, this box was on my doorstep.
I love my nice neighbors to the north!!!!!!
They are the NICEST!!!
yes, it needs to be put together, but if you were like 150 to 200 years old,
so would you!
THIS WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS AND I COUGHED/SQUEALED unpassively unaggressively right there on the backstep!
Ive read up on how to put these things together, and pretty soon im going to have a whole complete Bison bison! And no i dont have a brain injury yet, its the real scientific name, "Bison bison"...really. Im not making this one up... this time. My nice Neighbors to the north are THE BEST!


 there was something about to happen that was even more exciting then finding a Bison bison skull on your doorstep - REEALLLY!


back at the auction,

I won a beautiful box of fabric 

Isnt this lovely? Antique hankerchiefs with tatting lace, embroidered pillow cases,
crocheted doilies, woven Scandinavian mats....

And a Vintage Jacquard reverse coverlet,
so pretty!

All for $5.

the whole big box.

and at the bottom of this $5. box,

there was this -

heres the front of it - no holes or tears, just the felt edge binding has seen better days...

a very old colorful wool blanket woven with 6 colors in an arrowhead pattern.

I waited until we got home to really check it out.

and heres the back - you can see it has a label in the right hand corner...

lets look at the label?

its worn though!

but i think it says

"Cayuse Indian Blanket 
manufactured by 
Pendleton Woolen Mills
copyright 1921
Pendleton, Oregon"

I think i might have something very special here!

 what do you think, Blogger friends?



  1. You got the most AMAZING things for pennies on the dollar--no wonder you're so happy!!

  2. what the! I need to go to that auction place - you have some amazing varied things - you could go to antiques roadshow now no probs!!

  3. Great auction! I love the bones from your neighbor. People think it's sort of strange that I have kept found skulls. I thought the cattle skulls in the garden were pretty neat and I have some others that are from smaller animals. I think it's interesting. We found an entire opossum skeleton one year and took it home, put it on the outdoor table and the kids got to see how it all went together and play with moving the pieces around.

  4. Oh I am so jealous that is the kind of auction I would love to go to not a "gotta buy another ladder" auction:)
    Wow girl you did fantastic I would have been bidding against you well not really.The Elk painting is incredible I would have bought that she was indeed very talented.The chair looks nice and light compared to the BEAUTIFUL wardrobe that may stay downstairs for a very long time because it looks very very heavy.....poor Mr Foresters back.The books oh yes I would have bid on them they are the era of books that are a truly an interesting read and the litho prints inside are probably beautiful. Pewter, a Krumkake and that one of a kind wool blanket are just the best but I have to say a neighbour that brings you such an interesting piece of history and wonder like that is the nicest thing in the world you could find my friend. A neighbour that knows you that well is priceless.
    Good luck with that wardrobe. xxooxxoo B

  5. Wow , this was my excitement for the morning I love all your finds, each one unique and coolio. everything was quite a find !
    we will be hitting up an auction Wednesday night, no great finds like this there though and we aren't really going to bid we are bringing a few of our "too many" roosters .

  6. Oh I forgot to say I love when you call it "I Won" :) xo B

  7. Wow. I think you have a LOT of great finds there! The bison skull is my favorite.

  8. WOW!! You got some really cool stuff! Love it all, especially the wardrobe! That old Pendleton woold blanket is lovely! You could probably send them an email with a picture to get more info. Can't wait to see your bison bison all assembled. :)

  9. you got quite a variety and for very little cost! treasures, all of it. :)

  10. Wow! You got some wonderful things...auctions are addicting, and especially if you keep winning things for such great prices. Way to go!! I was wondering about the Bison bison thing...glad to know you're really ok. :)

  11. Great finds! And good prices too, even on the wardrobe. My husband (auctioneer and antiques buff) says the Pendleton blanket may be worth up to $400 depending on condition. You done good! Now you need to organize a work party to get the wardrobe up the stairs.

  12. WOW! You won the best stuff at that auction! All things that I love. I hope you will share a pic of the bison skull after it is reassembled.

  13. I live just thirty miles from Pendleton Woolen Mills! This is so cool!

  14. Beautiful finds at the auction. I would say you more than Won with these finds!!!!!!

    Talk about a nice neighbor, putting together that Bison Bison is much better than putting a puzzle together.

  15. What amazing scores!Especially the Bison bison! How often does that happen- like NEVER! Can't wait for an episode of antiques roadshow with YOU having things of value that just blow the appraisers minds! That blanket would most likely be the gem of the lot! Scrub is not a satisfying to mark as trees I am sure...Poor Dexter. My Dexter is really short so he was not impressed when I told him about your Dexter's dimema- my Dexter marks four inch long grass and thinks that his work has been done! Great post of delightful new belongings! I have a small antique booth in my friend's shop- I have envy!!!

  16. Talk about making out like a bandit. I'm so jealous of the well-traveled wardrobe, the box of old books and the Pendleton blanket. The Bison, bison skull, not so much. But I understand being excited about stuff other people think is weird.

    My very sincere condolences on the demise of all your lovely trees. At least they can become fences and firewood and serve you that way.

  17. Oh, I think you and Mr. Foresterman had a great day at the auction!!! I love the colors in that blanket and the wardrobe is gorgeous. I truly understand that mantra of "mine, mine, mine". Sorry you're having to cut your lovely trees, but you do now have lots of firewood. Hugs.

  18. HI! What a lot of great things you won. I love auctions too. We have that now and then. Know the Scandinavian mats pattern you mentioned. I Think you should get the blanket valued from an expert.

  19. Wow, all fantastic finds- but the cabinet- that's just awesome.

  20. "Where are all of my bathrooms?"

  21. We don't do DST up in this part of th Dominion, so this has been nothing special for me. Except for the blizzard which blew in last night. Meaning lots of shovelling of walks today.

    I congratulate you on your great "finds." Or bids. You have a delightful collection of "things found." I hope you thoroughly enjoy each of them.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  22. Wow - you made out with great loot. That pewter set... oh, my!

  23. I would say.....you scored!!! Big time!! Fabulous stuff but I am soooo glad I am not the one to heave that wardrobe upstairs....

  24. I bet Buttons would have loved to come with you, not a single ladder in sight. I love, love all that you won, I love the picture of Dexter (Samson says to Dexter: I'm doing fine with only bushes to pee on, so you'll be OK, but I get it, you will miss those trees), I love the pewter, oh, well, I love it all, but what I love the most, is the way you tell a tale.

  25. Hello gowestferalwoman, sounds very FUN auction !!! Such a precious treasures !!! (^.^)v"""

  26. wow! that is some haul! And that blanket!!!

  27. Holy Cow! I think everything you got is a treasure.

  28. Howdy FW,
    Here's a link for your blanket: http://www.shopwiki.com/l/1921-Pendleton-Indian-Trade-Blanket

    Hope it's an expensive one and y'all get to have a HAPPY DAY !!!
    Tell Mr Foresterman, butterbean say , 'Hey.' !!!

  29. I think you have lots of special there my feral friend. I love auctions. I never seem to get as many cool finds as you did though.

    Now about that bison skull..................

  30. You weren't the only one squealing! with every find/purchase I was just as excited as you were, and that wardrobe...........Lordy!
    Enjoy your treasures.

  31. OK, these are the BEST treasures I've ever seen purchased at an Auction - you scored BIGTIME!! What a haul! I'm tempted to find out when the next one is and travel all the way from Nova Scotia . . . I'm THAT impressed!

  32. Ok well first thanks for the laugh. I love Auctions too.....however I don't think I've ever gotten anything half as good as you did....KUDOS. I love love the amoire, I can't believe the price you got it for....excellent. Enjoy your Bison bison.

  33. So I am trying to catchup as Blogger keeps throwing my blog posts in a heap in the corner and I never know if you are having the same problem. Still love all your auction buys you are one lucky "winner" :) xoxo

  34. My aol email has a bug and though I can receive and read, I can't send any emails. And if I could I would because I'm a little bit worried. I'm reading between the lines, yours and Button's today, so of course I could be wrong here, but still, I have a need to send you some hugs (sorry I can't send a Juniper for you to hug) and lots and lots of love, Inger

  35. Wow, what a day for you! The cabinet looks like it made the day more than worthwhile, and then you got everything else too.

  36. You have so many treasure now. I do love your pewte that you got. I have a collection of many peices of that. But your blanket many be a great treasure. I love the colors. Enjoy all your new treasure.


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