I can be "Best of No-Show" too...

recently wonderful wonderful Buttons sent me this shirt-

it says "Best in Show"

I was so excited for a change - I didnt even take time to put the package down after I ripped it open in the truck.
I slipped that shirt right over my other shirt as soon as I got it.
It wasnt until after admiring it for a bit,
i finally checked the rest of the package and found a note inside.

It was a very encouraging note,
one that only a good friend 
would know 
needed to read.

 Sometimes things dont go as planned,
or the way you want it to.
And recently i had a double ear infection.
for two weeks I got dizzy enough that i bumped into things

i even bumped into things with my head.

I was getting very discouraged.

I would even get dizzy laying down.

I hated sleeping because I had really strange dreams at night.
AND I took lots of cold decongestant medicine to lessen the pressure inside my ear drums,
which means I couldnt cook -  I couldnt use 
my mom's secret cooking motivator ingredient (see previous post...yeah, that issue.)

I wasnt getting rest, things were piling up, and i started to fret.

Fretting is not a feral thing to do, btw.

And if Im fretting, then it gets really bad.

 it was hard to get even regular things done,
let alone chase cats off of tables.

But I know we all have been there.

Struggling when you dont feel like struggling anymore.

 And when you are in it, 
its really hard to see the "way" out sometimes,

even though everyone wants you to do it now.

i hate this part especially.

but i am so glad that I have a friend who has my back.

Thank you Buttons.

You are a good friend.

- Encouragement goes a long way, even all the way from Canada to Montana

Im on my "way" out 




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