I can be "Best of No-Show" too...

recently wonderful wonderful Buttons sent me this shirt-

it says "Best in Show"

I was so excited for a change - I didnt even take time to put the package down after I ripped it open in the truck.
I slipped that shirt right over my other shirt as soon as I got it.
It wasnt until after admiring it for a bit,
i finally checked the rest of the package and found a note inside.

It was a very encouraging note,
one that only a good friend 
would know 
needed to read.

 Sometimes things dont go as planned,
or the way you want it to.
And recently i had a double ear infection.
for two weeks I got dizzy enough that i bumped into things

i even bumped into things with my head.

I was getting very discouraged.

I would even get dizzy laying down.

I hated sleeping because I had really strange dreams at night.
AND I took lots of cold decongestant medicine to lessen the pressure inside my ear drums,
which means I couldnt cook -  I couldnt use 
my mom's secret cooking motivator ingredient (see previous post...yeah, that issue.)

I wasnt getting rest, things were piling up, and i started to fret.

Fretting is not a feral thing to do, btw.

And if Im fretting, then it gets really bad.

 it was hard to get even regular things done,
let alone chase cats off of tables.

But I know we all have been there.

Struggling when you dont feel like struggling anymore.

 And when you are in it, 
its really hard to see the "way" out sometimes,

even though everyone wants you to do it now.

i hate this part especially.

but i am so glad that I have a friend who has my back.

Thank you Buttons.

You are a good friend.

- Encouragement goes a long way, even all the way from Canada to Montana

Im on my "way" out 




  1. Argh. I was just wondering where you were and if you were okay. Was hoping you were just busy. Sorry to hear you were struggling. I am not a good friend :-(. I'm glad Buttons had you covered!

  2. buttons is truly a sweet, sweet woman. glad she's looking out for you. :)

  3. Buttons is one of a kind. Very caring and very understanding. Glad she's got your back---and your front. That shirt looks super on you!

    Hope that balance problem and infection are on the way out. Sounds like you and yours have had a taste of the white stuff from the sky already. Our first snow storm usually arrives on Halloween, just in time to ruin Trick or Treat.

  4. I need a buttons too!! You are lucky to have buttons...

  5. YAY for Buttons--& people like her!!

  6. What a lovely shirt, and beautiful words from a true friend. Buttons has a heart as large as Montana, God Bless her, and God Bless you.

  7. Awwww you made me cry; just to let you know this friendship I need a virtual hug thing works both ways my friend and I appreciate that too ((HUG))
    Oh you are getting better I am so happy about that but your eyes still tell a story about a girl who still needs rest and has to take care of herself.
    I did not have room for a horse on the farm and Annie likes being the only blonde around here; she is like that you know very spoiled and does not share well, so I honestly thought Ebony and Frostig could use some company, and I see the little blonde fellow/lady is going to love Montana, can you see him/her smiling and kicking up her heels?
    I cannot wait to hear more cooking with Feral posts because I really think you are on to something:)
    What a cat on a table boy I have never seen such manners way to go Tomaz.
    Your photos are beautiful and I look forward to the day I will be able to see it for real. Take care of yourself and wear a hat:) Thank you my friend. HUGS xoxoxo B

  8. I don't know Buttons, but I hope she receives a blessing from blessing you.

  9. That is so sweet...and it sounds like a very "Buttons" thing to do! I'm looking forward to seeing a post someday about the two of you meeting halfway somewhere...I'm sure it will happen! Glad you're on the mend!

  10. That Buttons is a sweetheart, and so are you! I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well. Sounds horrible. Glad you are on the mend though.
    Rest up....

    Cindy Bee

  11. We all need someone watching our back. I am very glad Buttons is there for you. The rest of us must rely on faulty ESPz. And don't worry about cats on tables, as the more you chase them off, the more determined they are to aggravate you. Hope your balance is back and your fretting is on its way out the door.

  12. I'm sorry to hear you are a bit off...yes thank you Buttons for helping our "Best in Show" you are you know. I am certainly hoping you are feeling better. I loved the photos in this post. The cat looks comfy but my fave is Ebony and Frostig that one is worth framing...gorgeous. I thought the results of your cooking foray looked pretty tasty. Feel better.

  13. Buttons is a wonderful person, and I am so glad you are feeling better!

  14. Your images are GORGEOUS!! The trees are just amazing this time of year!!

    You have beautiful eyes and a beautiful friend but you already know that!!

    That not feeling well thing really sucks but it also helps us to appreciate good health. I hope you are feeling well enough to get back in the kitchen!!

  15. Glad you are seeing the light at the end of that tunnel Feral !
    Hope your as fit as a fiddle soon.
    You and Buttons are both great gals !!

  16. I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with your ears, I've been there and it's horrible. Buttons is a good friend. I hope this passes quickly. Every time I am even slightly dizzy (like rocking on a boat) I get some meclazine from the drugstore- you can get it over the counter now in the pharmacy or it's all known as Bonine in the car/air sickness aisle. It really helps but gets me tired. They also gave me Valium, which I found strange, but it helps to calm the nerves so you don't feel as dizzy. If I fly I take decongestants for a week prior and for several days after. Get well soon.

  17. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. That Buttons truly is a wonderful lady and what a cute shirt she sent you! Your pictures are gorgeous and I especially like the one of your 'ponies' out standing in their field! ;)

  18. Buttons is just the best, so warm, caring, loving and knowing how to let you know she cares. I hope you are feeling better by now. Take care, my friend......


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