All Hallows Eve...and a photo bomb pumpkin...

First of all, my Great grandmother Busia has definitely left me a message from the past in these photos...
And I thought mr. foresterman grew pumpkins just to make me jealous.

This is Busia and my grandma Helen, with my Dad as a baby.
As you can tell that Pumpkin meant a lot to my Busia.

I think shes telling me here that pumpkins can be just as important as a new baby.

and I think in this one
 shes telling me that a pumpkin should always have family around to enjoy it.

Here they are with the cousins from Chicago.

and the pumpkin.

But most importantly,

I think she wanted me, her future *special* great grandchild, to know this-

 Having a pumpkin means you are gonna have a darn good time.

Shes smiling here, so's my grandma Helen...

so pumpkins are now very important to us,

and i will always let one have the front seat,
try not to be resentful.

Because pumpkins mean family, good times, and the same shape/life form/IQ of a baby.

But I might be mistaken.

She might have just wanted a pumpkin in the picture to let us know it was Autumn.




my feral understanding makes more sense.


 and now, some poetry on this All Hallows Eve!


"From childhood's hour I have not been 

As others were -- I have not seen 

As others saw -- I could not bring 

My passions from a common spring --

From the same source I have not taken 

My sorrow -- I could not awaken 

My heart to joy at the same tone --

And all I lov'd -- I lov'd alone --

Then -- in my childhood -- in the dawn 

Of a most stormy life -- was drawn 

From ev'ry depth of good and ill 

The mystery which binds me still --

From the torrent, or the fountain --

From the red cliff of the mountain --

From the sun that 'round me roll'd 

In its autumn tint of gold --

From the lightning in the sky 

As it pass'd me flying by --

From the thunder, and the storm --

And the cloud that took the form 

(When the rest of Heaven was blue) 

Of a demon in my view --"

by Edgar Allan Poe



  1. Oh I LOVE Great Gramdma Busia she is a woman who knew all those secrets like babying a pumpkin because it was going to be pie well I am hungry so that may be my stomach speaking mmmmm pie:)
    Seriously I know you don't do serious but I love that all the photos have a pumpkin maybe it was her pet pumpkin it could be a pickled or... stuffed pumpkin, quit laughing it could happen. I am serious they stuff animals and fish at the taxidermist that mean a lot so why not a pumpkin.
    Any how I love these photos the old photos tell a story we may never know but it is your family and that is all you need to know weird or not. HUGS to you and your "special" pumpkin future because I think Mr. Foresterman is a pumpkin grower for ever now. mmmm Pie:) xxoo
    Happy Halloween.

  2. Well I could not forget to comment on the Edgar Allan Poe Alone poem my last comment ran a little long:) I LOVE that poem and your photos are incredible. The B&W give them the special appeal. Haunting yet gorgeous. You always make me think about how and where I point my camera. Great job. xoxoxo B

  3. Always love seeing great gram Busia ! Smiling in one , now that was a hay day !!
    Super shots to accompany your and Mr. Poe's spooktacular writings !
    Be well my feral friend ~ perhaps a wee bit of happy howling tonight :)

  4. All your old pictures are wonderful, but Busia is just so special. And you have no idea, or perhaps you do, how much I have always related to that poem. Happy Halloween, my friend! And now I go and look at that present you got.

  5. I happen to have the same connection to pumpkins - but, tell me, had something been gnawing on your GGM Busia's pumpkin? Or is it just the light? Could have been happy, but hungry times? That is my favorite EAP poem, and your wonderful photographs make it even better. And, speaking of photographs, that new header pic is just freakin AWESOME!

  6. Interesting pictures of the old times.

  7. Your new header is AMAZING!!

  8. I love seeing these old photos. ALSO, love the Poe. You know...pumpkins are is family :)

  9. Very cool old shots- and the pumpkins are wonderful too. Fruit and vegetables are very cool props for photos! Go Busia!

  10. I'll bet the pumpkins were important, maybe she stored them away to get the family through the winter. I had one last in my basement for months and months.

  11. Tough pioneer heritage, proud of their posterity as well as their pumpkins. Love it. And for one who's been baptized by fire, more than once, I understand your seeing demons in the sky.

  12. That Edgar, he certainly did have a way with words. I remember the pumpkin getting to ride in the front seat and your melon jealousy. Love the photo bomb pumpkin and, of course, Busia! :)
    Oh yeah, your Devil's Tower header is truly awesome!

  13. Had to sneak back by again to see gram Busia smiling in her hay day :)


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