The final answer...

Okay, so some of you were feeling a little frisky

and suggested what we had in common was that 
we were both pregnant -

whoa...hes a castrated boy and Im 50 ...and i cant write a proper sentence to save my life so my babykid days are over, 
we dont want to scar any little children anymore...
my future grandchildren are gonna be pretty entertained one day by this grandma!

or said we had the same coloring

I am a natural blonde, not a redhead, 
but i got me SOME silver highlights... 
So we both have some white hairs, but not in the same place... 
i think. well, i gotta go check my chin again...

Then some of you mentioned our big butts...

Hey, they get us where we need to go....FISHDUCKY.

Some of you mentioned that we might both like the big black guy.

I think we do.
buts thats not the answer!

 And some of you mentioned we are both beauties


hes blushing but you cant see through the red...

and some of you mentioned our big butts...

wait, we wrote about that already... I like bacon. FISHDUCKY.

  But here is the answer that has been driving Buttons crazy all week 

and... maybe you?...teehee!

I know, i waz born feral... :)




Wait for it - 
im in horse training mode 
so you must stand 
wait for it...





 "Frostig" is a  9 YEAR OLD MUSTANG!

See the BLM brand?


 me of all people, Im such a horse bigot!
but he's FUN and he fits me!
hes a good, clean horse who passed 
a pre-purchase exam with flying colors in QH territory, 
the vet even surprised himself after the flexion tests
by exclaiming, 
"gosh, hes a good little horse!"

~and that is what we have in common~

we are both feral, 

sometimes (okay, mostly) misunderstood, 

always full of good surprises 

Next up - we call in to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and 
find out exactly where "Frostig" was captured 
how he sat in a holding pen until he was adopted...

Stay tuned!


and didnt Mr. Foresterman take nice pictures?  :)



  1. Ha, that's a good one, my mind didn't go there!

  2. Perfect match for you !
    Love mustangs, next door neighbor has an 18 year old neck branded BLM Mustang too.
    Look at him giving to you at the poll and everything ~ very nice .

  3. awww. sweet wild baby looks like putty in your hands - or legs, or under butt or... :)

  4. You know I was just kidding--I can't resist a good opening line!! (I've planned a post about bacon. I'll let you know when it's going to run.)

  5. OK "Driving Buttons crazy" may be a bit harsh(she may already be there:))at least it will not keep me up tonight.Thank you
    Frostig is beautiful and the fact that he is Feral just like you makes it perfect. You both look like you fit like a glove.I am so happy for you both.
    Oh he looks like he handles well and I can see this is going to be a match made in heaven. I love Mustangs and Feral is the best thing in the world.
    You just never know what or whom will change the way you may think or the love you will find no matter what you thought to be true all along. The heart truly knows. You seem to have found each other. Ebony is going to have fun too. A forever horse yeah.
    Still laughing about the pregnant and the big butt thing:)
    You sure do know how to create a buzz.
    Humour/humor:) is what you are best at but now I can see a good mystery is going to be your new thing.Mr Foresterman takes excellent pictures.
    Give Frostig a hug from "crazy" Buttons will you:) xoxo

  6. Two feral creatures deserve each other. There is so much justice in that relationship.

    I hope you and Frostig have lots of fun together.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, you two (OK three, counting Mr. Foresterman)!

  7. Okay, you're both feral AND lookers~ so I half-win. You two are definitely peas in a lovely feral pod.

  8. I had a feeling it was and i should have said!!

  9. He sounds terrific and the pictures are wonderful. I thought about the butt thing, bu I wasn't going to go there. He really looks like a good ride.

  10. Excellent!!!!I'm glad you found the one. You look very happy with your choice, Frostig is a very lucky fellow to have finally landed in the perfect place with just the right people for him. I look forward to seeing more of you two having some Feral adventures!!!!!

  11. You're both feral! Very cool! He's a beauty, hope you (and the big black guy) get along famously! Just to get my two cents in, I LOVE your header picture, most creative and extremely funny, and was hoping you NEVER change it. I will remember it always!

  12. You guys do look good together. What fun that he is/was feral!

  13. A great match and BEAUTIFUL pictures. Of course, if you get anywhere near Skoog Farm you are invited to dinner. Bring your horses!

  14. A perfect match! What a very handsome guy he is. Love that swishy tail and the arch in his neck, his untamed mane and his Feralness. You two belong together! Whoa!

  15. Perfect! You and he couldn't have been luckier!!! Yes, nice photos.

  16. Sometimes sad things happen and we stumble into things that are just meant to be. Maybe the sadness helps us to be happier than we otherwise might. I'm happy for you.

  17. Good for you - 2. He sounds really nice!

  18. Well now hey no fair....we couldn't see the BLM pics in the previous post. Although I wouldn't have know what it was anyway but hey how cool is that Frostig (love it) a mustang.... I love it.

    Oh and at the risk of sounding like a smart *(*), which I don't want to but I'm a little curious why a feral girl that lives in Montana rides English????????????

  19. I feel dumb for not guessing that.

  20. Sounds like a good match! Nice to see that he has found a home!

  21. Howdy Y'all,

    Mr Foresterman is a great photographer, when he's taking pics of what he LOVES !!!! I didn't think of the 'feral' part, when guessing, but it fits.... I still think BOTH OF Y'ALL ARE BEAUTIES, even if you are BLONDE !!!! (It don't show in the pic of you in the snow)
    I once had a little 'mustang', that I rescued from a dog food plant, he seemed okay when I got him(found out later, he was PROUD-CUT...thought he was still a 'stud')..... Gave me lots of excitement, especially when he 'fought' a Percheron STUD, OVER a 6' PADDOCK FENCE !!! Feet big as dinner plates coming at my head; I slid off over his tail and let him have his fight !!!! FROSTIG !!! What Indian Tribe is that from????

    Well, anyway we hope you have many HAPPY DAYS on Frostig !!!

  22. YAY :-D. You two look great together!!!!

  23. A FERAL horse, how utterly PERFECT!! He is such a handsome boy and you two look really good together! YAY!! :)

  24. Good grief.... Only you would come upon a feral horse- perfect for you!!- great photos Mr. F.!!
    Beautiful horse- wild rider.......
    Great moments and rides together!!
    Fondly, Rain

  25. WOW! What a nice horse! I can't wait to find out his history! By the way, you both look wonderful together!

  26. Very cool! I should admit that one thing on my bucket list is horseback riding. Problem is a little late as I am, ahem, 65! And now I've gotten a little more skeeered than adventurous should I possibly fall off and break. So, I guess that makes me quite envious. I've wanted a horse forever... and have thrown ropes around brooms and bikes just pretending. Guess that is where it will end unless I take a guided trail ride and plod at a hardly-moving-pace...and that's just no fun. So enjoy your new mustang and I will live vicariously through you!

  27. hehe, a wonderful entry!! and good thing, now buttons can sleep at night ;)

    and yes, my guess was wrong!!

  28. He's beautiful just like you! Glad you found a feral to pal around with.

  29. So...since I'm also blonde (with a few grey highlights!) I need a bit of an mean they still capture wild horses and tame them? Is that what you are saying? I thought that went out a hundred years ago.
    I think the two of you will be extremely happy together. He was meant for you. You understand each other!
    And you are both beautiful.

    Cindy Bee

  30. Wonderful! You are perfect for each other and you look great together! (Kinda sounds like you are going steady.) A girl and her horse. That's combination that can't be beat. Many happy rides ahead. Great pictures Mr. Foresterman!

  31. So do you know that Frostig means frosty in Swedish? So it's appropriate that I write this on the first frosty morning here in the canyon. I loved your comment, thank you, thank you so much. I'm living with a bear mama & baby, a bob cat, large as a small mountain lion, deer, and other critters of the forest here right now and feel myself turning more feral by the day. Just thought you should know.

    You and Frostig look like you are made for each other. Is he home with you now? If so, you must write soon to let us know what Baby said. Hope they will like each other. I'm planning to read blogs while on my vacation and I started at the bottom of my blog list. Then I saw you comment and had to get in touch. We have gallons of veggies frozen, juice frozen, zucchini given away by the dozens, zucchini casseroles frozen, as well as peas and string beans. We have had salads from the garden since August first, and we plan to bake zucchini bread today. Did I say frost? So we have been busy harvesting and loving every minute. Love to the family of Forestman and critters. How did your hair go from blond to red? Rachael is a blond too, but her red came from a bottle, I wish I had done the same to avoid all the blond hassles. This should have been an email. And this is the reason I don't do FB or Twitter. Can't contain myself to a few words.

  32. My dream is to own/start/ride/love my own mustang.... but... but... but... too many excuses right now. *sigh*
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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