erratic truthful thoughts... right, Nancy @ aRuralJournal?

 #1. I have been replaced by muskmelons. 

This man here has been lovingly tending his melons all summer long... 
on what is called "sally's patch".  

Sally the pony grows good melons. who knew?

see how he holds them?

im jealous.

#2. this is a tiger salamander. 

Mr. Foresterman came running up the hill to tell me to get my camera, 
as there is a salamander down below near the pumpkin patch.

I get my camera,

and find this little guy saunter towards me.

he has something to show me.

how nice.

no, i wont help you with that worm stuck in your mouth.

gives new meaning to "biting off more then you can chew".

but the real reason 

Mr. Foresterman called me down here

was this -

#3. aphids.

Mr. foresterman has been getting so sneaky good at subversively 
getting me to help him tend his melons, 
that its almost sinful.

"come down and see the salamander" he says.

"take pictures" he says.

"Oh by the way, since your camera is out..." He says

 "could you take some pictures of these bugs btw? I want to identify them" he says

here they are forming the letter "S" & "O"

and now "L"






these little buggars are 
so stinkin' right.

because do i get a ride back up to the house?


the pumpkin does.

with its seatbelt on.

yes, i am resentful
round and melony,

right now.

 but thats okay,

because due to

#4. "the new driveway"

All these plants will be destroyed in two days.

and I will laugh out loud "HA HA" 
at them on the hill
shaking my tiny fist in the air..

The fire remnants of ash and dead trees and ick
washed out our old driveway, 
so we are having nice Johnny come and rip it all apart 
with big machinery 

and he will make it pretty.

or pretty functional,

or both.

but it will feel good to watch those plants that thought they had my husband's heart
be crushed over and over again.

yes, i will hold the box of kleenex for mr. foresterman.
im not that cruel.

#5. I grew mums without realizing it.

this is a miracle.

take it as an erratic truthful miracle...

#6 cant stop now, were on a roll.

School started in Powder River county.
You can tell whose child is still under the driving age,
by what mode of transportation they park out by the road.

We have looooooooong driveways out here.

but i bet those kids have really strong legs to pedal fast...

#7. I love sweat stains that are even.

Horsepeople will know what im talking about.

Today we go to see him again; hes getting his feet trimmed by a farrier whose into angles.

this is a good thing.

if he trims well and sound,

then next week for a prepurchase exam.

if that goes well...


there will be one more member of the homestead here.


edited: farrier trip went well.
onto Friday the 13th...

i think this is gonna happen!


AND all because 

i love her!

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  1. you are too funny with the melon jealousy. :) good luck with the driveway. although i'm guessing you really don't care that much - you're much more interested in the horsie.

  2. It sounds like a winner in the battle of Feral Woman vs. the melons has already been decided!!

  3. Once again, you have made my week.

  4. You are too funny about the melons! :)
    If that bull was chasing me, I would be pedaling really, really fast! Yikes!
    Can't wait to see the new member of the homestead. Hope the trimming and prepurchase exam goes well.

  5. loved your pictures! linking up with/from A rural Journal:) You are my LU neighbour. Have a great wknd.

  6. Geez, no randomness here.

    Nice melons. I'll have to show my husband.

    Hope all goes well with your upcoming acquisition -- I'm sure it will.

    Have a great evening -- and as far as the photos go, I edit them whenever. No particular time of day involved. :)

  7. Ohhhh, so exciting about the horse. That will serve him right for his attentions toward the melon!

  8. Lmao!!! What a terrific post-the seat belted pumpkin threw me over the edge!! Great animal capture-I don't think I'd be so brave. Funny stuff. Glad I stopped by.

  9. I love your um...five.

  10. So I bet you thought I would not be watching now that I am gone surprise. Any how love Feral random five or six or ten whatever you make me laugh. I truly think Mr Foresterman's pumpkin deserves the seat belt because what if that big old' bull ran in front of him poor ol' pumpkin would be rolling on the floor. Nice melons darn bugs. Love the bike shot oh I miss riding those old back roads dodging bulls and cool salamanders and aphids big new driveway heavy equipment (yeah) and new horses that make a Feral smile. You certainly make me smile. Can' wait to see who the horse blankie is going to be thrown over. Xoxo

  11. de meloen is mooi maar de pompoen ook en de salamander met zijn open bekkie je kijkt haast in zijn maag.

  12. OMG you crack me up with your melon envy ;) I was almost peeing by the time I got to the seat belt photo.

    Good luck with the PPE. Hope there's an announcement soon :)

  13. We have those rotten black aphids here too. Hope the recent rain did 'em in.
    Nice melons ;0)
    Glad the farrier gave the mystery equine a thumbs up, now for the PPE and getting to see him! (Her?)

  14. Still laughing at Nancy planning so show those melons to her husband. Laughing at those "five" notes of randomness and the SOL aphids were excellent. Standing by to see the photos of that new pony on your property.

  15. I really enjoyed visiting your blog. It's like being on vacation in the west without having to buy tickets and go through airports. I've been told I've got nine lives, but I feel like I'm going through them pretty quickly.

  16. Oh I almost feel sorry for the Mr...his poor plants being dug up! HA HA I knew you were getting that horse,I just knew it!

  17. So excited to see your new horse ! lol

  18. All the crazy melon heads ;-). Can't wait to meet your new pony!!!

  19. Oh good Lord.........!!!!!!
    Get the horse lady........!!!!!!

  20. Good things are happening there. Can't wait to see the new member of the family.

  21. exiting news about the new horse! Sorry about the melon/Pumpkin issue, those men! fickle lol

  22. Such pretty, pretty country! I actually feel sorry for the melons.

  23. As usual great post. That Mum is beautiful. OOOOOHHHHHH new horse, sounds like that went really well what is he what color what what....I can't wait for more info!!!!

  24. One can never have to many horses........


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