To buy or not to buy...that is the question...

I rode a horse today...

and i liked it.

Two and half hours in the saddle, and i didnt hurt.
(DVT damage, wide horses, and riding dont go well together)
The most sensitive horse I have ever rode- i just flexed my calves, and off he moved. 
On the bit and very forward, very responsive, like comparing a ferrari to a ford truck
 we rode through some things and was able to come to conclusion 
because he has a good head on his shoulders, 
and I have patience,
we could work together well.

he also drives,
the dreams of having a small one horse sleigh
started to appear.

 i had a smile on my face afterwards, 
because while holding his lead, chatting with his owner,
he occasionally would lift his velvet nose to gently blow into my ponytail
("i like you")
and I would turn slowly into his breaths, 
softly blowing back...
("i like you too")

I rode a horse today,


I liked him a lot.



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