some facts that have not married their cousins...or something like that....Ima right, @Nancy of Rural Journal?

Tomez, after his life altering wildfire experience last year,
has taken up yoga.

He also spends inordinate time reading.

Thank you for asking about him.
We have been trying to have serious discussions about 
why he feels compelled
to bring/shove/cram
live animals
through his kitty door at night.
And then
body parts on my bathroom floor.

I wear contact lenses. I dont see well without them.
Especially when its early morning and i dont have them in.
Nothing like stepping on bird claws, squeaking baby bunnies,
unidentified squishy wet things
when you have to pee.

His reply is that they are volunteers for his "companion animal therapy" program.

"but why do you kill them?" I ask

"oh... those...
those are terrible accidents"...
he says,
licking a paw.

Speaking of which -
I want to kill this horse now.
Hes off his antibiotic uniprim,
been off 3 days of pain killers.
He trots, bucks, snorts, farts, gallops
I dont feed him fast enough.
Now we are thinking for sure it was
an upper respiratory bacterial infection.
laminitis my butt.

but too bad, he's on a diet anyways.

and just in case I have ordered a Hannibal Lector Grazing Muzzle for him...
Halloween is coming up in only 2 months...

btw I do hope to outlive this horse.

The bumble bees have finally arrived to pollinate all the things.

I love them, but you cannot hug them.

I found that out.

These last three trees that have not died.
I water them.
talk to them.
"please oh please dont die" 

These sit on the west side of the house,
where the sun is the nastiest in the summer.

the trees are dead on the east and north side.

We are going to have to buy trees to plant this fall.

It kills Mr. Foresterman to have to buy trees when we see them
grow so willingly, wildly, weedly-like in other places...

just not here, right now.

Ebony wanted me to post this picture
to show other potential horse friends
that he really is a 
cool guy to hang out with...

I did tell him the one single piece of hay 
sticking out of his mouth
too over the top....

like he's elvis or something.

He went with it anyway.

because I cant just stop at 5 or 6 facts,
this is what i look like right now
that my family doesnt call
for a welfare check on me,
since I havent sent out those notes and cards
to those i promised them to.
back in june.

The white streaks on my arms are bentonite clay, it helps with bug bites (See fact #4).

and Finally, FINALLY
we are haying.
all our body parts are crossed that we do not need to go to
for anymore chunks or parts 
that have to be replaced on the

Being this green, we have not had any fire danger.
We sleep at night like babies....

This is our last package of cow elk that my girlfriend shot last fall.
Elk has the best meaty taste in the world.
I barely have to mix it with any beef at all when its ground.
Decisions, decisions
Lasagna, or stroganoff...

how about both!?


Dexterdog will be turning 12 soon.
this is him in his Samoyed summer suit.
He loves his haircuts!

We are still hoping to go on a camping trip sometime soon.
Problem is that it has been too wet, and snowy
where we want to go.

With Dexterdogs feet,
he would have no problem sploshing on trails...
we cant say the same for us.

 So thats it ina nutshell - 

we are alive, and coping, 

kissing away
the Summer of 2013

As if its the end,

the end of summer camp, 
never to see each other again...

dang. too over the top.
*shrugs shoulders, goes back outside, whistling*


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  1. I enjoyed your (ahem) five random facts. Actually, I enjoyed all 10 of them. And that's one beautiful cat even if he does leave body parts around.

  2. yup, feral ALWAYS overshoots the mark. :)

    glad it is SO green there! yay for hay! yay for healthy, rotten, spoiled, monster, frisky horses! and swet pups! and silly, critter-killing cats!

  3. Sorry to hear about your trees dying. What is the cause of it do you know?

  4. Loved your post today, especially the cat part!!

  5. Good luck with the trees. I hope they survive. The world would be a much sadder and hotter place without trees.

    I like the horse with the black and white something on his head - are those boxer shorts?

  6. The picture you painted of Tomez and his "accidents" cracked me up.

  7. are too FUNNY!!! I love your cat tale. Hilarious....of course, it wouldn't be if I was the one stepping on squeaking baby bunnies in the middle of the night...but to hear it out of someone else, well, that just has to be the funniest story ever....and to have him give the excuse he are so clever! Really enjoyed your post!

  8. Random five EH:) OK I can tell this is going to be a long comment. So Tomez is that the downward dog maybe you can teach Dexter.Hey Feral wear your slippers at night just saying.

    Yeah for Ebony driving you crazy I am so glad you are feeling better and wearing that cool mask you could go on stage with Madonna with that mask you handsome devil you and boy oh boy I think your phone will start ringing off the hook from friends that want to be your friend after this post. You got it boy.

    I wish I could mail you trees we have lots but I think the border people would say no.

    Yeah for starting haying it looks nice and green. You are starting and we have just cut our last field now the baler person that would be me gets to work and yeah done, that is if it does not rain again. I am glad the part was the right one that is a long drive.

    Elk meat never had would love to try.

    Dexter you could be on stage with Ebony and Madonna too you handsome devil you.

    OK that is not too long a comment is it?.

    Hi Nancy forgive Feral she does not get out much these days and needs to share..... Random 10 Friday it is:) It is only two Random 5 Friday's. Hugs to Feral Woman. Life is good in Feral land I as well as everyone else is so happy about that. Enjoy my friend don't hug bees. Happy haying. hugs xo B

  9. Ebony totally rocks that mask!
    and I just looooooove that pic up top in the snow! ooohhhhh I dream of winter getting here quick.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  10. Well hai Tomez! Nice to see you! Greetings from the experts at "companion animal therapy" here! Only they leave the unmentionable parts at the foot of the stairs outside due to lack of a kitty door. I'm sure they would prefer to leave them on the kitchen floor if they could.
    Glad to hear Ebony is feeling better- and stylin' the zebra mask too.
    So beautifully green in your hayfield, with those trees and shrubs in full leaf.
    Maybe cut the dead burned branches off your pine trees so they can put everything into the surviving branches?

  11. Seem like things are "back in order," Janice. Something for which we call can be thankful. No fires, good haying, livestock ok, and Janice apparently healthy, too.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  12. Hello my new found friend. :) You know, I think that Tomez and Theo have been talking across the miles. I think it has something to do with the cat yoga. Happily Theo catches mostly field mice, (which he seems to eat, except for an organ or two), but those bird claws and rabbit guts!!! Too bad about the pine beetle damage; we have so much of that in BC as well. Nothing like it in England but just wait. My sister-in-law Margo just became a farrier and has a completely new outlook on horses - other people's horses, not her own. Your horses seem to be as full of character as Tomez. And I love your Dexterdog. I've always had malamutes so love anything Samoyed/husky/wolfie-ish. :)

  13. You make me was a nice way to start my "milking is done and now it's on to the rest of the day" Saturday! We're haying today too...glad you've got so much GREEN! And Dexter dog is quite handsome...but don't tell him and let it go to his head! :)

  14. Hahaha! Thank you for the giggles this morning! I wish I did yoga as well as your kitty - but am glad to not have animal parts on my bathroom floor! Ebony is definitely a very cool guy - if I were a horse I'd want to hang out with him - oh heck, I kind of want to hang out with him, anyway! Happy Saturday!

  15. Wonderful updates - all of them :-D.

  16. Oh, its good to hear you sound so chipper!!! I'm also very glad that Ebony seems to be all well and back to his normal hijinks.

  17. Great Pictures, nice to see that your land is green again. Hope the trees will survive.

  18. Love the green, and in a few years the new trees coming up will over take the dead ones. Glad the horsey is better, and your kitty and dog are just darn cute!

  19. That was so much fun! Really the perfect kind of post for Random 5 -- and you outdid yourself, as always. Hoping you get some of that rain soon! xo

  20. I knew if you got your hands on Random f Fridays, it would be a riot of fun and.....speechless here. I was enjoying reading this so much both because of all the great and fun news, but also, and I didn't realize this until the end, the NORMAL size font, heh, heh.

    Seriously though, I am thrilled to see that Tomez is back to normal, I think of him often. And Ebony is doing well, and everything is getting green again, and it's raining, wow. I am so happy for you guys.

  21. That was a great post......what a happening mask! and Tomez looking stellar and summer coat for the dogger :) and Green everywhere........that was the best. Happy days!!

  22. Fun post! Not over the top at all. Smiled and grinned from the Tomez downward dog and squishy floor booby traps for his lady who needs to pee. (har! har!) through the pony farts and cool "check me out" photo. So glad your critters are better and the burns are healing and greening. Best wishes for those trees! And stay away from the beeeeez.

  23. I have to say I just love this post. I was smiling the whole way through.. THANKS..

    Love your photos as well...


  24. Fantastic five +++ randoms today! I hope your bewildered trees decide to stay awhile. And I am glad Tomez is back to normal after that harrowing ordeal Have a great Sunday!

  25. I found your blog through Nancy's Random 5. What a delight! You gave me a good laugh today. Thanks.

  26. Loved your Random 5, er 6...7...8...9...10!! :)
    I wonder if Tomez saw that old cartoon. "Once I had a little friend, and I hugged him, and I squeezed him, and I loved him, but he don't move no more!"

  27. I vote for Feral Woman's Random 20! I was just gettin goin by 10 and I coulda read 10 more. So, how hard DID you hug that bumblebee? Tomez is so inscrutable.

  28. Love the random catch-up on your world. And what a world it is. Looks like summer is being good to you this time around. Hope it continues to be for you.

  29. Tomez looks good. Makes me feel like there can be an end to all the crap. Someday here, too, I hope.

    Is it really possible to those trees to survive. I know Mr Foresterman is a forester man so should know such things but that's so much burn surface and why is it that seedlings will grow up anyplace you don't need them but no place useful. I have a few seedlings that have volunteered here and they are at the darn road where the power company will prune them. Just a few more feet on the other side of my fence.....but no. Have to be where they aren't appreciated. With all the water we get in the winter, their fir feet would sure be appreciated to suck up some of that stuff. I suppose the horses would just prune them anyway, but I can wish, can't I.

    I like your portrait, I should do one like that. I could hide enough of my face to not show how boney it is. '

    I'm glad you escaped the laminitis thing. Nothing scares me more than that except colic maybe. Truthfully either one makes me quake. Knock on wood, no problems with that but struggling with a couple of other issues I never thought I'd see. Some day I hope to have the courage to post those stories.

    Thanks for supporting me through all the chaos in my life. It has meant a lot to me.

  30. Janice I don't know what I would do without you and your blog...Thanks!!!!!

  31. Tomez should be a yoga instructor. Ebony looks fantastic! That is one very nice loafing shed he has. I think the trees are responding to you kind words of encouragement. I recently rode through the Hayman burn area in Colorado (huge 2002 fire). The trees that survived look strikingly beautiful in a strange way. Charred black from the ground half way up their trunks. Then lush, beautiful green pine to their tops. It was an inspiring view of perseverance.


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