You know you are feral when...

your hair predicts weather...

especially hail

so you can prepare in advance...

oh my!
But dang, look how green it still is here! Its raining EVERY week; and that means less fire danger
(although theres not much left to burn...I have a few cardboard boxes i can toss out) 
And is that actually a puddle i see in that last photo!!?

So yes, I owe a lot to my hair's ability to frizz/curl/spazz out in high humidity

as a weather advisory

whoops - looks like it really rained back in May of  '65...

But thats my patient grandpa whose somewhat cautiously swinging me and my cousin J'!

notice how Im the one to look out after? 

Look how shes in her pretty shoes...
and I got me tenny runners on. 
Probably red, with mud.
heck, im even playing with danger with one foot off the step bar 
Yep, thats about right.
A born to be Timber Cruiser right there...

ah, but the hair...

here i am a year later,
giving the calvin & hobbes stink-eye'
because even though my hair is stuck in that bonnet
(you can see it trying to escape in the back)
-and those bangs are slicked down with momspit to an inch of its life-

I can tell its beginning to rebel,
and we're gonna get rain...


thats about right.

 here we go again...


I have taken everyones advice, and Im piecing together our fire story...

I need a good editor though.
someone to tell me if its good or bad. and correct my grammaristic mistakes.
and i could use maybe a publisher.
so like other people can read it.
and then an agent.
yah, one of those too.
and someone to tell me when to go to bed at night and eat and stuff...

actually, I think i need a mom.




  1. Oh Feral I would be your Mom if I was "OLD" enough:)in a second, but I DO think the book idea is a great idea I know you HAVE to do this. I think the top hair pic should be on the back book cover , you know about the author because girl you rock hair styles:)
    Oh these old photos are wonderful I can see Little fuzzy hair feral woman and your Grandpa oh my farmer heart melts you are such a lucky girl to have shared moments like this with him.
    I like your hair I could use hair like that, we have not had hail but "Dang" it is surely hot, weather telling hair is probably worth something:)
    I think you grammar is impeccable(wow I got that word right) if you change to much you will lose that "Feral Woman" we all know and love.
    Good luck with the publisher I will phone I have some ideas for you, let me know when you are stuck in the house in the rain....ask your hair:) Don't forget EAT>>>>SLEEP!Hug xxoo B

  2. I dunno, I think you're doing just fine on your own - frizzy hair and all. . . .

  3. Oh I hear you! My hair is total frizz these days...the humidity is HIGH and awful and....I'm ready for fall! :) But not before my beach trip with my friend and our girls! I'm glad you're considering publishing!

  4. Ha! I resemble those weather moments. It is hot and humid here in the near south. Love your pics! I think you will certainly publish a marvelous story! Good luck!

  5. love the swing photo!!! adorable little feisty-haired rebel, you! good luck w/ the book stuff!

  6. I love your post! Oh, and in case you were wondering, there is a website(I'm not sure of the address) called Create Space that publishes books. Good luck!

  7. Do I count as feral if my hair has given up on looking even remotely hair-like?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops- spelling mistake! Lets try again:
      I'll trade my weather change headaches for your frizzy hair fore teller any time! I love the little feral pics- you had that feral gleam even then!

  9. Love the hail shots. At least like you said, less fire danger. Thanks for sharing your little girl pics. You were a cutie pie. Wish my hair would curl a little.

    How's come we're never satisfied with what God gave us.........


  10. i agree with buttons.....don't let any editor edit out your real feral self.......
    hail, hell, is there no rest for the wicked, no peace for the just :) i think that's how it goes...
    glad you're back to your feral fuzzy self!

  11. I'm so glad you are piecing together a story. I have met a lot of writers on the blogs and there are now so many different ways to get a story published. More later on that. About this post, you know, sometimes ~ and this is a very high compliment ~ when I read your posts, I feel like I am hanging out with Alice in Wonderland because that is somehow how your mind works. And today, I thought I was really there, because that tree in above picture looks like it has a clock in its trunk. I expected a white rabbit to bounce out of a hole somewhere right this minute.

    On a more serious note, I am so happy to see the green grass, to hear about the rain, hail, and anything wet that falls on your land.

    1. Inger that is exactly how I think about Feral's Blog it is like being in Wonderland with Alice. I love the way her mind works. B

  12. DEFINITELY get yourself a publisher & an editor--but don't over-edit. I feel like I got to know you while reading your account, grammatical mistakes & all!!

  13. Love your fuzzy-headed little self on the swing! :)
    I'm with Shirley, I'll trade ya' your weather-change-predicting hair for my weather-change-predicting headaches any day!

  14. Bet those are about the only times your mom got you stuck in a dress/bonnet/cute coat. Bet you were able to get her to let you leave the dresses behind by showing off your panties while you did summer-salts and climbed trees. If she was like my mom there was a decision to cover the knees with denim after going through a couple of rolls of tape and gauze. Still, using hair to predict the incoming rain is not a skill I was born with unless you count using it like a weather rock.

    Yay for the wet spring-summer. Green doesn't burn as fast. Although the fireworks from the big thunderheads last night started fires in several places.

  15. I too would rather have weather affected hair than to have weather affected Cluster headaches! I love the old photos.

    Isn't it just wonderful that it is still green in the middle of July.

  16. Everything is so green! So strangely beautiful against the burnt out silhouettes of the trees. I have hair that frizzes in the rain, too, but yours is better! I get the migraines, though. It's like my head frizzes on the inside, too. So glad to hear you are looking into publishing your story. It is truly riveting. xo

  17. OK Feral...I'm thinking you had a better chance of getting someone for the Mom job, before you posted the 'hair' pictures! LOL! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of you on the .....oh crap....what are those things called....teeter totter?...noooo....It's my menopause creeping up on me....I can't remember what they are called but I can remember a hundred years ago playing on one. Anywho, I love that picture. Your facial expression even looks like you are ready to bolt and get into some trouble! And that cloud....AWESOME! I'm so happy you are having rain, and just the right amount. Gotta go, I'm off to water the plants, as it is dry here. After all of the flooding we had in the spring and early summer...dry as a bone.

    Cindy Bee

  18. I don't know about a Mom, but my daughter-in-law is a editor. She's done lots of books. If you are interested, let me know and I'll get you in touch with her. Um, I'm probably old enough to be your Mom, so GO TO BED AND GET SOME REST!

  19. What is it about those Mom-spit bangs? It was a given, that's for sure, that you were destined to be a feral girl. You had that look way back when. I am almost old enough to be your mom - I could be your momish.

  20. Adorable pictures of you as a little girl! It is beautifully green there. Glad you are getting rain that lessens the fire danger. We are too. But there is still a lot of forest here to burn. Now, too bad your hair can't predict lottery numbers.

  21. So classic! What great pictures :-D.

    Yes, you definitely need to compile it all and do a book.

  22. LOL- my hair does the same thing in the weather here! Love it ;)


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