Let the feast begin at the OCCIDENTAL HOTEL !

right now Im writing from a secret location. 

a very good hidey spot

(no, its not under the stairs again with the chocolate)

I need to write about what I said I would write about before I arrived here
because I want to be known as the feral woman 
who is somewhat mildly predictable...

so lets continue down  the "rabbit hole" of the past,
shall we?

The Occidental has a few places you can eat at...

since we like to eat food to live
this worked out perfectly!
we did not eat at "The Virginian"
(whichbythewayisthetitleofthefirstwesternovelwrittenbyowenwisterwhosebedwesleptinattheOccidental...once. comfortably)
because we arrived on a Sunday,
they are closed on Sundays.
so we will return.

the next morning,
(which was my 50th birthday btw so the whole day was MINE - no one elses. really. remember this past June when that day went kinda goofy for you?  well, that was my DAY. ;p )

 we ate at the next door cafe to the Occidental -

its right next to Clear Creek!

and see that brick wall inside the cafe?
Thats the Occidental Hotel wall!

so its like


"The Busy Bee"  is a really famous cafe in Buffalo, Wyoming

that has been around for eons

and has the neatest set-up

and the BEST Breakfast!
(watermelon for BREAKFAST!? YUM! does that not look wonderful?)

Along with  some pretty neat Antiques to look at

and stained glass fixtures

with a beautiful view of Clear Creek...

which warns you before it starts running over 9ft deep

It actually tells you to "RUN"...

not walk.

i think.

this breakfast tasted absolutely heavenly,
and was the perfect start for a drive to the Bighorn mountains.
It also was the perfect meal 
after a night at

The Occidental Saloon!

they have live bands there,

with the most perfect western frontier setting ever

The best part of the western part is that they have a gorgeous stained glassed 25 ft long back bar 
that was brought over in Horse drawn Wagons over a 100 years ago!
That be alotta mirror there...

I would be a cowboy with an ulcer by the time I delivered that...

double shots of pepto bismol for sure...

And heres where old timey bands play under watchful eyes every thursday night.
the critters above dont sing along though,

unless you do lots of double shots of pepto bismol or  maybe something stronger...
or maybe im thinking of disneyland.

when you take a walk in the back,
you soon figure out for sure this isnt your childhood disneyland
(remember Sunday nights watching disney?castle and all?)
- its so old timey western wild-
its got
naked lady paintings!
:o !

lonely ulceratic cowboys looking for love in all the wrong places!


This painting is in the back though...
by the pool tables.
we did play a game and i almost won.
I said
Straight shot, no slop
8 ball 
last pocket called.

not that i know or anything
*cough grew up with a pool table in the basement yes one of those kids cough*

but Mr. Foresterman dazzled me with his good luck and charms
maybe with a pint of the Occidental's own pale ale on tap
along with a BISON burger
that was YUM
but i was too dazzled to care at a certain point.
it was dazzling.
all of it!

But maybe the real reason he dazzled me is because he has the same charms of Butch Cassidy...

who also visited here and had a pint,
somehow ended up in South America...
you may have to google that one.
i think I might be making up things now.

that was our tasty visit at the Occidental!

and I know we will be going back~

because Im pretty sure this guy above 
that night 
told me to 
"visit on back 'real soon, pretty little filly..."
and winked.

and of course I nodded and said

we will!

disneyland be darned!



To learn more about this fantastic place - please click on this link 


Next up,

Im following in order what I said I was gonna accomplish on this post

and it does involve the secret location where im at now!


and wish us luck!



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