Last Year's Nature Magic stuff'

     One fun thing that the fire of 2012 brought us,
that you dont see very often

 was this -


It also brought us dry ash storms...

but definitely the WEIRDEST 



they usually started out as small little clouds...

and you waited in wonder

to see if it would get bigger,


go away

sometimes they did.


Science says they form as the hot surface air of the ground

meets up with a small cool wind
these would turn into


But i just think its magic.

Nature magic stuff'.

They were so large we could see them miles away...

But sometimes the wind would turn into a dry storm that 
would dump 
a major poopload of ash into the house.

I wasnt thrilled about those.

But the coolest ones 


Even when driving we would come across stunted ones in the burnt out forest...

and sometimes

they came visiting to us

reallly close

and then would dissappear as fast as they started!

 Until I would look up in the sky
and see 
ash ring...

Natures magic stuff' indeed.

This year all we get now is spectacular sunsets...


But its okay, because I dont miss 
cleaning up after those





  1. "Natures magic stuff" has always been the thing in life that keep me going and you too. Now I truly understand the hundreds of vacuums you own and REALLY need:)
    I love your photos and I don't want to see anymore photos of those nasty yet beautiful Ash Devils either. Bring on more sunsets. Hugs xo B

    1. it would get to the point where it was so disruptive - we'd see one start and it was like "ASH DEVILS!!" drop everything and go grab a camera...

      it made cleanup after a fire take a little longer then necessary ;p

  2. so cool! i'd not like the dusting involved with them, but really fun to watch!

  3. Vreselijk wat jullie allemaal hebben meegemaakt en dan ook nog z,on jarenlange nasleep.het is haast onmenselijk.

  4. NEAT--I've seen dirt (dust) devils but never ash devils!!

  5. Weird and cool at the same time.

  6. I'm glad I have never seen those, but yesterday, as we worked outside, something sort of exploded behind us, by the barn. It was a dust devil of magnificent proportions that made huge tumble weeds fly high up into the air and spin around, making this sort of scary sound. Soon we were eating sand, with sand in our eyes as these devils, but smaller popped up all over the place. Nature sure is something else.

  7. Fascinating! I think until you got used to them though, that some of them look suspiciously like smoke from another fire!!

  8. So cool . . . interesting, magical and mysterious . . .

  9. Weirdorama! We get dust devils!

  10. Seen dust devils before...think I have even seen these...back in 07 when we had a driving Vacation...
    Nothing as spectacular as yours though.

    I do know that a rather large dust devil broke up an arena's fencing at Edwards AFB....


  11. Don't know what to say about what you went through except that I'm glad that you guys had the knowledge and worked so well together to save your own lives. Someone else living out there, not knowing anything about trees and fires would not have had the same outcome. Best wishes to you to recover emotionally from all of this.

  12. Tee hee. Those ash devils are spooky things. We've seen a few here and they scared a lot of us at first. We thought they were another fire starting, but like magic...poof! They disappeared.

  13. They are cool looking but I don't want to see any in person thank-you-very-much!
    We get dust devils here in the desert and sometimes they are really BIG and destructive!!

  14. I don't think I have seen an ash devil- dust devils- plenty, but no ash devils. Glad your neighborhood has greened back up.

  15. You'd think if you looked carefully you'd get to see a genie at the top of the cloud. Have three good wishes ready just in case. Like, I wish you'd quit dumping ashes all over my clean.


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